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O-O-Oklahoma's Discrimination Notice Has Just Been Updated

Sooner than later, employers in the Sooner State must post a new Discrimination notice due to a recent update issued by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General.   What’s New and What’s the Same? Certain descriptions of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation that appeared on the previous notice have been streamlined on the new Discrimination notice; however, the discrimination categories remain the same. Discrimination in employment based on race, color,

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Recent Change to California Poster—Previous Version Still OK

The California Workplace Discrimination and Harassment notice has been updated, but the previous version of this labor law notice is still valid. The CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) has informed us that the updated notice, dated June 2018, does not need to be posted because the previous version, with a date of November 2017, is still in compliance. The updates to the notice include the new revision date

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New and Updated Labor Laws Coming Soon to California

Several changes to California’s poster will happen before January 1, 2018. Our research team is tracking the updates so that our clients will always be compliant with California’s labor laws. What’s Changing? Cal OSHA Outdated penalty amounts for safety & health standard violations are being removed. In addition, employers will need to make sure that their Injury and Illness Prevention Programs meet the requirements of the California Code of Regulations.

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Connecticut Issues Two More Labor Law Changes

Due to the recent passage of Public Act No. 17-127, effective October 1, 2017, Connecticut just updated its Discrimination Is the Law notice to include protections for veterans. The state also added some information to its Workers’ Compensation notice related to filing claims. The updated notice has a revision date of 10/1/17. What’s in store for employers and employees in The Constitution State? Keep reading… Workplace Posting Updates Discrimination Is

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New Information About Accommodation on Michigan’s Discrimination Poster

Did you know that Michigan got its name from the Native American word Michigana, which means “great or large lake”? This stands to reason, because it borders on 4 of the 5 Great Lakes! But I digress… What you really need to know is that the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (MDCR) has issued an updated Discrimination poster with a new revision date of 2/2017. While the discrimination prohibition categories

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Idaho’s Updated Discrimination Poster Has Just Been Released

Idaho—a “gem” of a state—has just updated its Discrimination in Employment poster, which is produced by the Idaho Commission on Human Rights (IDCHR). The poster has a new revision date of 3/1/17. What Changes Has the IDCHR Implemented? In the list of discrimination categories, the poster now reflects that age discrimination is prohibited against individuals who are 40 years of age and above. Anti-retaliation language has been added. The poster

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Delaware Updates Discrimination and Workers’ Comp Laws

The State of Delaware updated its poster again while our poster was in production. We are currently working on the new poster, which will include all the recent changes. What Has Changed? The Discrimination section of the poster has been updated to reflect additional discrimination prohibitions. Among them are family care responsibilities and reproductive health decisions, both effective December 30, 2016. Retaliation protection language has also been added to this

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Delaware Updates Discrimination Law

The State of Delaware has updated its poster. We are currently working on the new poster, which will be available soon. What Has Changed? The Discrimination section of the poster has been updated to reflect an extended time limit within which employees may file claims. Employees who believe they have been discriminated against by an employer must now file a Charge of Discrimination within 300 days of the alleged unlawful

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Awaiting Future Changes to the Federal Contractor Poster

There are two changes coming to the Federal Contractor poster, a minimum wage increase and a new Nondiscrimination Provision. We are tracking the January 1, 2016 minimum wage increase for federal contractors and are awaiting the release of the updated wage poster. The Nondiscrimination Provision poster was recently released, and will be added to the federal contractor poster as well. Federal Contractor Minimum Wage On January 1, 2016, the federal

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Rhode Island Creates a New Mandatory Pregnancy Discrimination Poster

The state of Rhode Island has a new required labor law poster that covers pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. Details about the New Poster Rhode Island’s newest poster, with the full title of “Notice of Right to Be Free from Discrimination Because Of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Related Conditions,” is based on the June 2015 state law with the goal of protecting pregnant workers. Under this law, employees are protected from

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