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New Employment Rights Posting Requirement for Illinois

Due to a recent religious accommodation amendment to the Illinois Human Rights Act, the Employment Rights notice is now a required posting. Based on the amendment to the law, employers are required to accommodate employees’ religious practices, beliefs, and observances unless they cause undue hardship to the employer’s business. What Employers Need to Know According to the Illinois Department of Human Rights, employers must now post the Employment Rights notice in

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Catching Up: Are You On Top Of The 24 Year-End Labor Law Updates?

Now that 2014 has come to an end and 2015 marches onward, it is time to take a breath and reflect on the unprecedented 24 state and federal labor law poster updates that took effect at the beginning of this year. As there have never been so many end-of-year changes, keeping track of them all is a serious chore. First, let’s take a look at a simplified list of all

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Q&A: Illinois Concealed Carry Act Poster

Q:  Will the poster/sign for the new Illinois Firearm Concealed Carry Act be added to the Illinois labor law poster?  A: The sign requirement only applies to “owners of any statutorily prohibited area or private property where the owner prohibits the carrying of firearms”, according to the Illinois State Police. In addition, the sign must be posted at the entrance to the building. For these reasons the Concealed Carry Prohibited Area

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Q&A: IL & WA Labor Law Posters

Q:  By any chance, do you happen to know if Illinois and Washington will have new state posters:  Illinois (social media password and gender identity law), and Washington (leave time off)? A: None of these laws require new state posters. Illinois – HB3782 governing social media use in the workplace was signed into law 8/1/12 and goes into effect 1/1/13.  This law does not require a poster. Civil Rights Act:  Illinois

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KS and IL Labor Law Posters Change, but Previous Versions OK

The Kansas Child Labor poster and the Illinois No Smoking poster have been updated, but the previous versions of these required state labor law posters are still valid. Kansas:  No update required for Child Labor poster.  New phone number for the Kansas Department of Labor, website URL information added.  Revision date of 5/12. Illinois:  No update required for No Smoking poster.  Names of public officials removed.  No revision date. For more information about these state

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Illinois Updates Workers Compensation Poster; New IL Labor Law Poster Required

The latest required change to the Illinois labor law poster is on the IL workers comp poster. Illinois workers compensation law has been amended and new information explains that employees may choose an approved Preferred Provider Program (PPP) as their provider. We are publishing an updated Illinois labor law poster including this latest change.  For more information about the IL labor law poster or to learn more about our OneSystem

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