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New Pregnancy Accommodations for Employees in South Carolina

On May 17, 2018, the Governor of South Carolina signed the Pregnancy Accommodations Act, an amendment to the state’s Human Affairs Law. The South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (SCHAC) has just released a major update to the Employment Discrimination notice, which includes information about the new Pregnancy Accommodations Act, as well as additional requirements of the Human Affairs Law. Workplace Discrimination Protections Reasonable Accommodations Employers are required to provide reasonable

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No Poster Requirement for Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

We want to share the following information with our Massachusetts customers regarding the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which went into effect on April 1, 2018. The Act is an amendment to the Massachusetts discrimination in employment law, enforced by the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD). The new law prohibits employment discrimination based on pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, including breastfeeding and the need to express breast milk during work hours. Employers

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New Pregnancy Accommodation Law for Vermont

In May of 2017, Vermont’s governor signed a new law, An Act Relating to Accommodations for Pregnant Employees, which goes into effect on January 1, 2018. The law includes a workplace posting requirement. No pregnant pause here—details of this law are outlined below. What Employers & Employees Need to Know Under the law, an employer is required to provide a reasonable accommodation for an employee’s pregnancy-related condition—unless this would impose

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New Pregnancy Accommodation Law for Washington—No Poster Required

The State of Washington recently passed The Healthy Starts Act (Senate Bill 5835). Under the Act, employers with 15 or more employees are required to make reasonable accommodations for all pregnant employees, regardless of a disability. What Employers Need to Know First and foremost, the Department of Labor & Industries (DLI) has informed us that there are no plans to create a poster for this law. Instead, the department is

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