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New Unemployment Insurance Notice for Iowa

The Iowa Workforce Development just issued an update to the agency’s Unemployment Insurance notice, which has a new publication date of 8/18. You know what that means, don’t you? A new poster will shortly be on its way to our customers in Iowa. Details of the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Notice Certain elements of the UI notice have not changed, such as the following information: Employees who become unemployed may be

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More Changes for California—Updated State Poster Required

California’s Transgender Rights in the Workplace notice and the combined Unemployment Insurance/Disability Insurance/Paid Family Leave notice have just been updated. What Employers and Employees Need to Know Transgender Rights in the Workplace The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) updated the notice to include new language related to bathroom privacy. Where possible, employers should provide an easily accessible unisex single-stall bathroom for use by any employee who wants

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Georgia Updates Unemployment Insurance Notice

Georgia’s Department of Labor just released an update to the Unemployment Insurance (UI) notice regarding filing benefit claims. The notice has a revision date of 6/18. What’s New? One of the updates to the notice makes it easier to file benefit claims online. While the previous UI notice stated that employees may file claims via the Internet, a web link for doing so was not provided. The notice now includes

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Missouri Updates Unemployment Benefits Poster

Missouri’s Division of Employment Security (DES) has just released an updated Unemployment Insurance Benefits notice, which has a new look, new information, and a revision date of 3/18. What’s changed, you ask? Keep reading to find out all the details. New Info About Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits   When to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits The updated notice now provides a list of situations when an employee should apply for

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Wisconsin Updates Its Unemployment Insurance Poster

For employees in Wisconsin, applying for Unemployment Insurance (UI) just got easier due to some enhancements to the application process on the state’s UI poster. The updated poster has a new revision date of 5/2017. Here’s What Has Changed The list of requirements for applying for benefits has been expanded to include the following: Applicants must have a valid email or mobile phone number. Applicants who served in the military within

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Tennessee’s Unemployment Insurance Poster Has Just Been Updated

The State of Tennessee just released its updated Unemployment Insurance poster, which has a new revision date of 3/17. What’s New? The instructions for applying for benefits and maintaining eligibility have been simplified. Employees can now apply for benefits, manage claims, and search for work at the same website (, which has been updated to provide user-friendly instructions and tools. When searching for work, employees are required to document at

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Unemployment Insurance Poster Changes for Nebraska

The State of Nebraska has updated its Unemployment Insurance poster. New information has been added related to filing for benefits online. Revisions to Filing Requirements Unemployment Insurance claims should be filed online using the Nebraska Department of Labor’s online web application. However, special accommodations are now required to be made for conditions such as language barriers and physical and mental handicaps. If a special accommodation is needed, claimants may file

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Wisconsin Updates Unemployment Poster; No New WI Labor Law Poster Required

Wisconsin has updated its mandatory unemployment insurance poster with a new revision date of 7/2012. The Department of Workforce Development made a minor change to the contact information. This revised workplace notice is not a mandatory change. For more information about the WI labor law poster or to learn more about our OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan with automatic updates, go to the Poster Compliance Center Wisconsin labor law poster page or call 1-800-322-3636.

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Iowa Updates Unemployment Poster; New IA Labor Law Poster Required

Iowa has updated its Unemployment Insurance poster with a new revision date of 9/12. This new required labor law poster includes: New method for filing unemployment insurance claims, called IowaWORKS Access Point, has been added to 3 existing options. IowaWORKS Centers (formerly called Iowa Workforce Development Centers) reduced from 55 locations to 19. We are publishing a new Iowa labor law poster with this latest change. For more information about the

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