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New Penalty Amounts on Virginia's Safety & Health Notice

Roughly a year ago, we reported that Virginia’s Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) had released an update to the Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) law, based on federal OSHA penalty requirements. Businesses in Virginia should be aware that the state has updated the penalties once again, and the Job Safety & Health Protection notice, which must be posted by all Virginia employers, has a new date of August 2018.

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New Federal and State Income Tax Credit Notices on Virginia's Poster

What Employers Need to Know Employers in Virginia should be aware that the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) recently issued two new notices that must be posted in the workplace. Both notices include information on how employees may be able to boost their income with tax credits. The first is a brand-new notice that provides information on the Virginia Credit for Low Income Individuals (CLI). The second notice has

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Virginia Updates Its OSHA Notice — New Poster Coming Soon!

Virginia just released an update to its Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) law, based on federal OSHA requirements. The updated notice has a revision date of July, 2017. Here’s What Has (or Hasn’t) Changed In the Proposed Penalty section of the notice, the following penalty amounts have increased: The maximum penalty for serious and other-than-serious violations has increased from $7,000 to $12,471. The maximum penalty for willful and repeat violations

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Virginia’s New Earned Income Tax Credit Poster Coming Soon to Your Workplace

The poster for the Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program has changed completely. The new poster has a revision date of 11-2016—and a new look. What Your Employees Need to Know In order to receive the EITC benefit and others (Child Tax Credit or American Opportunity Tax Credit), individuals must file a federal tax return, even if they do not owe any taxes. Those who are eligible for the

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Virginia Updates Unemployment Poster; New VA Labor Law Poster Required

The latest required change to the Virginia labor law poster is on the Unemployment poster. New information specifies that those who are totally unemployed must register for work online. Additionally, workers cannot be paid benefits until they have met all eligibility requirements. Information was also removed about filing claims in person, and a new website address was added. We are publishing an updated VA state poster with these latest changes.

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Q&A: Federal or Virginia Drug-Free Workplace Poster

Q: Does your federal poster and/or Virginia state poster include verbiage regarding “Drug-Free Workplace”? A: No. There is no federal requirement for businesses to post at Drug-Free Workplace poster, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. The federal DOL also states that some businesses that receive contracts or grants from the federal government may use posters to help fulfill some of the educational requirements under the Drug-Free Workplace Act of

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NV, VA, & KS Labor Law Posters Change but Previous Versions OK

The Nevada Lie Detector poster, Virginia Safety & Health poster and Kansas Workers Compensation poster have been updated, but the previous versions of these required state labor law posters are still valid. Nevada:  No update required for Lie Detector Tests poster.  E-mail address changed.  No revision date. Virginia:  No update required for VOSH (Safety & Health) poster.  Some smaller employers exempt from recordkeeping requirements.  New revision date of 4/12. Kansas: 

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North Carolina & Virginia Labor Law Posters Change but Previous Versions OK

A new North Carolina labor law poster and a new Virginia safety poster have been issued, but the previous versions of both required state labor law posters are still valid.  North Carolina:  No update required for Workers Compensation section of NC Department of Labor Workplace Laws poster.  Minor change to information that explains requirement to post the NC Workers Compensation Notice, and revision date changed to 4/11.  Virginia:  No update

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