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New Wage Theft Notice for City of Milpitas CA

The City of Milpitas recently released a new workplace notice for the Wage Theft Ordinance, which was passed by the City Council earlier this year. An updated City of Milpitas poster will soon be on its way to our customers. Outline of the Wage Theft Ordinance On March 20, 2018, the Milpitas City Council unanimously adopted the Wage Theft Ordinance to protect Milpitas workers in all industries against unscrupulous employers

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Seattle Releases Updated 2016 Minimum Wage and Wage Theft Posters

Seattle recently released the updated mandatory minimum wage and wage theft posters for the January 1, 2016 effective date. What is On the Posters? While we knew some of the information that would be covered on the posters, there is also new information added that is important to know. The minimum wage increases to $13.00 per hour January 1, 2016 for employers with 501 or more employees or to $12.50 per

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Washington, DC Updates 3 Posters; New DC Labor Law Poster Required

The latest required changes to the Washington, DC labor law poster are on the Equal Employment Opportunity, Family and Medical Leave Act, Parental Leave Act, and Wage Theft Prevention posters. DC has added a new required Wage Theft Prevention poster. This poster outlines information about the Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2014. There is also new information on the Equal Employment Opportunity poster. Under the DC Human Rights Act, language

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