Tennessee Updates 3 Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Poster

A combined labor law poster that includes new information about Tennessee’s Wage Regulation Act and provisions of its Child Labor Act has been issued by the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

In addition, the Tennessee Human Rights Commission has updated its mandatory Discrimination in Employment poster with a revision of discriminatory categories.

The new combined poster including provisions of the Wage Regulation Act states that employees must be informed of the number of wages they are to be paid.

It also states that payment of wages must occur at least semi-monthly and a notice of regular paydays must be posted. No discrimination is allowed in wage rates between employees based on sex, according to the Wage Regulation Act.

The Child Labor Act section of the poster now covers only Tennessee child labor laws since a summary of the U.S. Department of Labor child labor laws from the previous poster has been removed.

Other changes in the poster include new information in a section called “Duties of Employers” about required record-keeping and inspections and revisions to the hours that minors are permitted to work.

In the Discrimination in Employment poster, “creed” has been removed as a category for which discrimination is prohibited. The prohibition against discrimination based on “handicap” in the previous poster has been changed to “disability”.