Unemployment Insurance Updates for South Carolina

Our South Carolina poster is in the process of being updated once more, due to a revision to the state’s Unemployment Insurance notice, which is issued by the Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW). Back in July 2018, we published updates related to Safety & Health (OSHA) and employment discrimination.

What’s Happening Now?

Changes to Unemployment Insurance Benefits

The updated Unemployment Insurance notice has a new look due to the changes made by the DEW, which are outlined below.

For starters, the list of Employment Security Workforce Center locations has been removed from the notice. Employees may contact their local SC Works Center for assistance with employment opportunities, but no contact information has been provided.

Instead, those seeking unemployment insurance benefits are now encouraged to apply online “anytime, anywhere” at the following website: https://scuihub.dew.sc.gov/CSS/

In addition, employees may go to the following website, which provides links to info on the unemployment insurance claims process, registering for work, and searching for work, as well as a video tutorial on applying for benefits: https://dew.sc.gov/individuals/apply-for-benefits

Last but certainly not least, the notice now states that employees who lose their jobs due to domestic violence may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

We Make Compliance Easy

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