Updated Oakland Minimum Wage Poster Available

Oakland’s minimum wage will increase from $12.25 to $12.55 on January 1, 2016 and it is time to update your posters!

A Different Kind of Annual Increase

Some cities with annual increases use calculations based on the federal Consumer Price Index (CPI), and others, like Oakland, base the calculations on a local CPI. Oakland’s calculation looks specifically at the San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose metropolitan statistical data. While those cities that have federal calculations will likely not see an annual increase, Oakland’s minimum wage will go up to $12.55 at the beginning of next year.

Other Changes Brewing

Oakland is one of several California cities, like Berkeley, Sunnyvale, San Jose, and Mountain View that are considering alternate ordinances that would increase the minimum wage even more than current ordinances that are already in place. Even though Oakland is seeing an increase on January 1, 2016, discussions are happening at the city council to raise the wage even more than that in the future.

We are tracking all of these potential increase discussions, and are ready to update mandatory labor law posters as soon as new required postings become available. In order to be prepared for any of these changes, enroll in the City 1-Year Plan to have a year of free updates! Why worry when you can be completely covered?