How to Report at Work Accident

Hiking in Utah

Hiking in Utah


Employees in “The Beehive State”, Utah, will have a better understanding of their Workers’ Compensation (WC) benefits due to expanded information on Utah’s WC poster, which has a new revision date of May 2017.

Workers’ Comp Updates

The poster explains that Workers’ Compensation insurance pays for medical expenses and helps to offset lost wages for employees with work-related injuries or illnesses. If an injury or illness results in the death of an employee, the insurance now covers dependent benefits in addition to previously covered burial expenses.

In How to Report an Accident section, the following information has been added:

  • After reporting an injury to a supervisor, the employee should then ask where to go for treatment.
  • After seeing a doctor, the employee will now receive a copy of the doctor’s report.
  • The insurance company is responsible for reporting the injury to the Utah Labor Commission.

The How to Start Compensation section now includes the following details:

  • After asking their employer to report an accident to the insurance company, the employee should ask the employer for the claim number.
  • An injured employee must cooperate with the insurance adjuster’s investigation of the injury.
  • When an employee asks the doctor to send medical reports to the insurance company, the employee should ask the doctor to include the work status statement.

The poster also includes a checkbox where certain employers can show that they have been authorized by the Division of Industrial Accidents to self-insure and pay workers’ compensation benefits directly to their employees.

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