Washington D.C. New Minimum Wage

Washington DC

Effective July 24, 2008, Washington D.C.’s

minimum wage increases to $7.55

A revised mandatory Washington D.C. labor law poster includes an increase in the District’s minimum wage from $7 per hour to $7.55 per hour effective July 24, 2008.

The labor law poster also includes a second increase in the Washington D.C. minimum wage to $8.25 per hour on July 24, 2009. According to District law, the minimum wage must always be $1 per hour more than the federal minimum wage (which increased to $6.55 per hour on July
24, 2008).

New information has also been added to the Washington D.C. labor law poster about the Accrued Sick and Safe Leave Act of 2008, The Living Wage Act of 2006 and Enhanced Professional Security Act of 2008.

In addition, the “Enforcement and Penalties” section has been removed from the poster, as well as a statement that employees may not be discharged for filing a complaint. Information about overtime pay and the Seats Law has also been removed.

The revised labor law poster now states that Washington D.C. minimum wage and overtime provisions do not apply to persons employed in a “computer capacity”, in addition to the capacities already stated.