Washington Updates Its Unemployment Benefits Poster

The State of Washington recently issued an updated Unemployment Benefits poster.

Details of the Changes

New instructions have been provided for signing in or creating an account to apply online for unemployment benefits at the

Employment Security Department (ESD).

Plus, the ESD has added new information for people with disabilities. Auxiliary aids may now include qualified interpreters and telecommunication devices (TTY) for hearing- or speech-impaired individuals.

Some restrictions related to applying online for benefits have been removed from the poster: for people who worked outside of Washington within the last 18 months and for people who were totally disabled from a work-related or other type of injury for several weeks but have been approved to work by a doctor within the last 12 months.

Last but not least, a new URL has been included for accessing the online WorkSource Washington website, which provides free resources for finding a job. And for people who don’t have a home computer, language has been added to encourage them to find a computer at a WorkSource center or their local library.

Staying on Top of All the Updates

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