West Virginia Makes Changes to the Wage Payment and Collection Act Poster

The state of West Virginia has made significant changes to the Wage Payment and Collection Act poster, and businesses must update their labor law posters to remain in compliance.

Significant Changes to the Poster

The state has made a lot of changes to both the wording and content of the poster. Here is a breakdown of the updated content of the employment poster:

  • New revision date of June 2015
  • Employees must have no more than 19 days between paydays
  • Direct deposit is now listed as a method of distributing an employee’s wages
  • The employer must make arrangements with a bank conveniently located near the place of employment for workers to have immediate access to their wages
  • If an employee is discharged, quits, resigns, is laid off, or is on strike, they must be paid before the next regularly scheduled payday
  • Employers must notify employees in writing or by posting a notice of the employer’s established work week, pay periods, regularly scheduled paydays, and employment practices and policies regarding vacation sick leave, and other benefits
  • Employers need to provide employees with at least one full pay period’s written notice before making any changes to an employee’s rate of pay, fringe benefits, the time and place for meeting payroll, or any other existing terms or conditions
  • New email address for the West Virginia Office of Wage and Hour

Previous Changes to West Virginia

Although West Virginia has not been known to make too many changes to its labor law postings over the years, this is the second update to a WV employment poster this year. At the beginning of the year, West Virginia updated the state minimum wage to reflect new wage requirements for this year and next, and it is impossible to know if the state will be making any additional changes this year.

Given the unpredictability of these updates and other changes that may occur at the local, state, or federal level, it would be wise to enroll in Poster Compliance Center’s poster service in order to ensure reliable and convenient labor law compliance. Our 1-Year Compliance Plan leaves you with the time to focus on other areas of concern, and poster compliance can be an afterthought.