West Virginia: Unemployment Benefits Notice


11 new wage classes added

to the state’s Unemployment Benefits Notice


The West Virginia labor law Poster has been updated to include the 11 new wage classes at the end of the state’s Unemployment Benefits Rate Table.


What’s changed on the poster?

The Maximum Wage Base Range

Previously, the maximum wage base range for West Virginia workers seeking unemployment benefits was $38,500 and above. Anyone within that range was eligible for weekly unemployment benefits of $408 and a maximum total payment of $10,608.


The new schedule issued by Workforce West Virginia, now states that the maximum wage-base-range has been increased to $40,150 and above. Anyone within that range in their base period is eligible for a weekly benefit of $424 and a maximum total payment of $11,024.


Unemployment Claims Offices

The status of some West Virginia unemployment claims offices has been changed on the mandatory West Virginia labor law poster. Four full-time claims offices are now listed as itinerant points, which are subject to change.

Poster Compliance Center has available the new West Virginia labor law poster now at postercompliance.com.