The mandatory Conscientious Employee Protection Act (Whistleblower Act) New Jersey labor law poster  has been revised to include new contact information for employees filing a complaint about potentially fraudulent or criminal activity within their company.

In addition, the mandatory New Jersey Payment of Wages notice has been revised to include a disclaimer regarding the legal status of workers.

The revised whistleblower poster now states that the role of a designated contact person within a company has been limited to receiving written notifications from employees about possible illegal activity.

The previous whistleblower poster stated that this contact person had been designated to answer questions or provide information regarding an employee’s rights and responsibilities under the Conscientious Employee Protection Act program.

The revised Payment of Wages poster has an added disclaimer stating that the New Jersey Department of Labor does not investigate or inquire into the legal status of any worker.

The New Jersey labor law poster also been revised to state that the Department applies New Jersey labor laws regardless of a worker’s legal status and does not share information with “Immigration”.

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