As the most complete compliance product in the industry, Poster Compliance Center’s OneSystem is the Gold Standard for value and service. With everything a business needs bundled into one simple poster plan, OneSystem is a quantum leap in terms of what we can do for a customer—from helping you get your business into compliance to keeping you there year-round.

OneSystem was designed as a solution to a serious problem in the poster compliance industry. Back in 2003, we noticed that most of our customers shared a misconception about how compliance posters worked; namely, that new labor laws always take effect on January 1st of each year, when in fact they take effect at any time of year. If a business were to wait until January to update their posters, they would likely be out of compliance for parts of the year, and therefore subject to fines.

So we launched the OneSystem plan to keep customers in compliance all year long.

The plan was and still is simple: Customers pay one low annual fee for the complete service, and they never have to worry about compliance again. That means every time a law has a mandatory change, we send you an updated poster with no additional fees—no charge for the poster, no charge for the packaging, no charge for the shipping. Poster Compliance Center ships the updated poster, and all you need to do is post it.


What could be better?

Our guarantee. Every OneSystem subscription includes a $25,000 Poster Violation Warranty. In the unlikely event that you are caught out of compliance at any time during your subscription period, Poster Compliance Center will cover the fines.

“The OneSystem achieves all the values we had hoped for,” says Marketing & Systems Manager Nicki Williams. “Our customers don’t have to worry when a federal or state labor law changes—we send them everything they need automatically. It gives our clients peace of mind because we handle everything.”

After more than a decade, OneSystem has changed very little because it perfectly fulfills the needs of our customers. It’s more economical than purchasing one poster update at a time, it’s fully guaranteed, and it allows customers to forget about compliance responsibilities and focus on running their companies.

Now accounting for a large percent of our products, OneSystem revolutionized not only our business model, but the way poster compliance services are offered across the industry. “We built a whole team around that product,” adds Nicki. “Our clients have responded very well to it, especially enterprise clients—those who have multiple locations around the country.

“Imagine you have an HR person in California, you have locations across the United States, and you don’t know what labor laws have changed in Iowa or Florida. So a lot of our enterprise clients love the OneSystem plan because they know if they purchase it for their remote locations, they don’t have to track labor laws across multiple states. They can trust us to do that for them.”

With OneSystem, we have become more than a poster vendor—we are a partner with our customers, providing year-round compliance monitoring and automatic updates. No hassles. No hidden charges. No worries. OneSystem does it all.



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