Workers Compensation Poster Changes in Missouri

The Missouri workers compensation poster has gone through a change from top to bottom, beginning with a new layout featuring responsibilities for employers in one column and those for employees on the other.   Missouri employers are required to post the new version of this poster.  

One of the most important sections on any workers compensation poster outlines what steps to take when an injury occurs.      

Employers must take these steps:

  • Be sure first aid is administered and the employee is taken to a physician or hospital for further medical care if necessary.
  • Report the injury to the insurance company.
  • Pay medical bills related to the work injury.  

Injured employees must take these steps:

  • Notify your employer immediately.
  • Seek medical attention.  

A brand new section on the workers compensation poster covers fraud and noncompliance committed by employees, employers and insurers.   This section gives definitions, what type of misdemeanor or felony each crime would be and penalties including monetary fines or imprisonment.  

Another new section explains survivor benefits, including weekly death benefits that surviving dependents may receive, funeral expenses and college scholarship opportunities.  

For more information about the Missouri labor law poster or to learn more about a 1-Year Compliance Protection Plan, go to the Poster Compliance Center Missouri state labor law poster page or call 1-800-322-3636.