Workers’ Compensation Update for Wyoming

The State of Wyoming recently issued an update to the Workers’ Compensation Act notice. You know what this means, don’t you? Our customers in Wyoming will soon be getting a new labor law poster for their workplaces that reflects this change.

What’s Up with Workers’ Compensation?

The language about extra-hazardous and non-hazardous industries on the Workers’ Compensation Act notice has been updated and provides more clarity. The notice now states that Workers’ Compensation coverage is required for extra-hazardous industries and occupations. In addition, it states that employers in non-extra-hazardous industries may opt for this coverage as well.

That’s All for Wyoming…

We wish we had more to share with you, but Wyoming’s Department of Workforce Services has not issued any other updates for the state. In the event that something changes, our customers will be the first to know.

We Provide Worry-Free Compliance

If you order our 1-Year Compliance Plan, you will automatically receive the updated Wyoming poster as soon as it is available. And because the plan provides free poster updates for mandatory changes, no matter how many occur during the 12-month period, you can always count on Poster Compliance Center to keep you in compliance!