Yet Another Labor Law Change for Nevada

LAS VEGAS, USA - JULY 14 : World famous Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada as seen at night on July 14, 2016 in Las Vegas, USA

LAS VEGAS, USA - JULY 14 : World famous Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada as seen at night on July 14, 2016 in Las Vegas, USA

This will come as no surprise to employers in Nevada—there’s been another labor law change for the Silver State. This time, the Workers’ Compensation notice has been updated and has a new revision date of 11/19.

What’s New for Workers’ Comp?

The updated Workers’ Compensation notice includes new information on whether an employer is required to obtain industrial insurance and whether an employee is covered under the law.

In particular, the notice now states that all employers are required to provide and secure industrial insurance for any employee who sustains an accidental personal injury while on the job.

Additionally, the definitions of “employer,” “employee,” and “independent contractor” have been added to the notice and are encapsulated below.

Employer: Every person, firm, voluntary association, and private corporation, including any public service corporation, that has an employee under a contract for hire.

Employee: Every person working for an employer under any appointment or contract for hire or apprenticeship, express or implied, oral or written, whether lawfully or unlawfully employed. Exclusions include casual employees not in the same business or occupation; musicians not lasting more than 2 consecutive days; household servants; ministers or rabbis; and real estate brokers.

Independent contractor: A person who is hired and paid only to produce a result, regardless of the means by which the result is achieved.

New Contact Information

Last but not least, employees who need help with workers’ compensation issues may contact the Nevada Office for Consumer Health Assistance (CHA) via email at the new address provided (, or visit the new CHA website.

Compliance Made Easy!

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