Federal & State Poster Set

Get your mandatory federal and state labor law posters in a convenient all-in-one labor law poster set. Our Federal & State Labor Law Poster Set is just $48.50, available laminated or in unlaminated green labor law poster sets (at no extra charge).

Federal & State Labor Law Posters - Complete Set

As an alternative, please consider our best labor law poster value, OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan. Along with the latest federal and state labor law poster set, you’ll also receive free mandatory labor law poster updates for one year; our $25,000 Poster Violation Warranty (for warranty details, click here); our Compliance Certificate, which documents that you’ve received all the current mandatory labor law posters; and more. The OneSystem is also available in our eco-friendly Go Green version.

You might also want to consider our Federal Labor Law Poster – Applicant Edition ($8.50). This compact interview room poster consists of the three mandatory federal postings for potential employees. Available in laminated or unlaminated eco-friendly editions, too.

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