Federal Labor Law Posters

With 25+ years in the industry, we are the trusted provider of federal labor law products. You’ll see below that we offer multiple federal compliance options to serve your needs and preferences—and ensure your company is in compliance.

You can look to us to carefully research and stay current with all federal and state labor laws. You can also expect from us accurate and up-to-date notices that include minimum wage and other federal employment posters.

Federal Employment Posters

All of our federal labor law products shown below reflect the exact text, font size, notice size, color, and content that meet federal labor law requirements. And, all are designed to provide you with a high-quality end product, whether you select laminated compliance posters or unlaminated, eco-friendly Go Green posters.

Browse our FAQs at the bottom of this page if you have questions about what to post, how to handle updates, or other compliance topics. Click here for helpful purchasing tips.

Feel free to call us directly if you have additional questions at 800-322-3636 (6 AM to 5 PM Pacific, Monday through Friday).

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