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ATTN: Chicago IL Employers

In addition to mandatory city, state, and federal labor law posters, employers in the City of Chicago are also required to post the Cook County, Illinois labor law poster. To ease the posting responsibilities of Chicago employers, Poster Compliance Center now offers a Chicago/Cook County IL labor law poster that includes required city and county notices. This combined poster eliminates the need for Chicago employers to purchase separate city and

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"Breastfeeding" Added to New Jersey's Discrimination Law

Before leaving office, former Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie signed Assembly Bill 2294, an expansion to the Law Against Discrimination (LAD), which provides protections for women who are breastfeeding. While the law went into effect on January 1, 2018, updates to the three Discrimination notices were published by the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights in late April. On the Discrimination in Employment, Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation,

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Wyoming's OSHA Notice Has Been Updated

Due to updated information on Wyoming’s Health and Safety Protection on the Job (OSHA) notice, our Wyoming customers will need to order new labor law posters for their workplaces. The new Wyoming poster has a revision date of 4/19/18. What’s Changing on the OSHA Notice? Serious, Non-Serious, and Willful Violations Penalty amounts for serious, non-serious, and willful violations have been removed from the notice; however, penalty amounts for willful violations

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Why we created OneSystem

As the most complete compliance product in the industry, Poster Compliance Center’s OneSystem is the Gold Standard for value and service. With everything a business needs bundled into one simple package, OneSystem is a quantum leap in terms of what we can do for a customer—from helping you get your business into compliance to keeping you there year-round. OneSystem was designed as a solution to a serious problem in the

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Reflections On Government Confusion

Rarely in my 41 years of business have I experienced the level of government confusion surrounding the recent or should I say current NLRA poster debacle. The National Labor Relations Board took it upon itself to mandate that employers, with few exceptions, must post that “employees have the right to unionize.”   From the local barbershop to the gift and card store, employees would be informed they should or could form

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