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Labor Law Updates for Hawaii—New Poster Required

Hawaii’s Department of Labor (DOL) just issued a new HIOSH–Safety & Health notice. In addition, an amendment to the state’s Family Leave Law has been added to the Wage & Hour Laws notice. These updated notices will soon appear on our new Hawaii Labor Law Poster, which has a publication date of 1-18. Labor Law Updates in the Aloha State HIOSH–Safety & Health The HIOSH notice, which has a revision

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Hawaii Updates OSHA Poster; Third Required Change on HI Labor Law Poster

The latest required change to the Hawaii labor law poster is on the Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health (HIOSH) poster.  This is the third recent change to the HI labor law poster.  Other recent changes announced previously include Employment Discrimination and Plant Closings.  We are publishing an updated Hawaii poster with all three of these changes. Changes to the Hawaii OSHA poster were caused by a new law that increased all penalties

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