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Indiana Updates Equal Employment Poster; New IN Labor Law Poster Required

The latest required change to the Indiana labor law poster is on the Equal Employment Opportunity poster. Veteran status has been added as a new protected category. Employers must not fail to hire an applicant based on their status as a veteran. This expanded protection from discrimination now applies to job applicants and educational institutions. In addition, denying reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs is unlawful. We are publishing an updated

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Q&A: Indiana Anti-Discrimination Poster

 Q: Can you tell me if the Indiana Equal Opportunity poster will change to include criminal history as a category of discrimination as a result of the recent passage of HB1033? A: According to the Employment Enforcement Unit of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, the passage of HB1033 does not affect the Indiana Civil Rights Law by adding an additional protected class of persons. For more information about this state

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KS, IN & MO Labor Law Posters Change but Previous Versions OK

The Kansas Unemployment poster, Indiana Equal Opportunity poster and Missouri Youth Employment poster have been updated, but the previous versions of these required state labor law posters are still valid.  Kansas:  No update required for Unemployment Insurance poster.  Minor change to website address.  New revision date of 11/11.  Indiana:  No update required for Equal Opportunity poster.  Some information reworded; new logo for Indiana Civil Rights Commission.  Revision date removed.  Missouri:  No

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