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New Opportunity to Work Poster for San Jose CA

The City of San Jose has released a new poster for a law that goes into effect on March 13, 2017. The city’s new Opportunity to Work Ordinance provides work hours protections for existing employees who work at least 2 hours a week. Under the law, employers of 36 or more employees must offer additional work hours to existing qualified part-time employees before hiring new employees, subcontractors, or temporary staff.

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Minimum Wage Boost for Workers in San Jose

San Jose’s new minimum wage poster reflects an increase to $10.50 effective January 1, 2017. However, based on the city’s new Minimum Wage Ordinance, more increases are on the way. Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Starting July 1, 2017, the city’s minimum wage will be on a path to $15.00. And after the first increase to $12.00 in July, annual increases will occur on January 1, until

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New Required San Jose Minimum Wage Poster Available

Although the San Jose minimum wage will stay at $10.30 for 2016, an updated minimum wage poster is still required. Why the Updated Poster is Mandatory We contacted the city of San Jose and they said that even though the minimum wage remains unchanged for 2016, the updated poster must still be hung where employees can easily read it. Dates for the poster have changed from 2015 to 2016, and

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