Do I have to post the labor law posters?

This is a popular question regarding compliance posters. The simple answer is: Yes, you do have to post them.


Because you’re mandated by law to post them. This applies to all businesses with employees on payroll, unless the employee is your spouse.

Where should I put my posters once I have them?

According to poster compliance requirements, you must display the posters in an area where your employees can readily see them. These areas can include but are not limited to:

  • A break room
  • A common room
  • Near the time clock
  • The lunch room or kitchen

Places that may seem like a good idea but don’t actually adhere to labor law compliance requirements:

  • The HR Manager’s office
  • A gender specific bathroom
  • Outside the office in the hallway
  • The owner’s office
  • In one specific department

Where to Hang the Labor Posters

What if I have two break rooms? Do I have to display the posters in both areas?

The best way to answer this question is by asking another question. Do all of your employees have access to both rooms? If the answer is no, then it is suggested that you display the labor law posters in both break rooms. If yes, then you should be compliant with the posters in one break room.

If my employees work on separate floors of the same building, do I need to display the compliance posters on each floor?

Yes, you would need to post the compliance posters on each floor because you’re required to post the labor law posters where your employees can readily see them.

The key word here is access. Your employees must have easy access to the labor law posters. If they are required to travel or go out of their way to read the posters, then they are not easily available to them and as an employer you are not following the labor law compliance requirements.

Some of my employees work in a separate building. Do I need to display the posters there?

Yes, you should display the compliance posters in both buildings because your employees in one building don’t have easy access to the posters in the other building.

What should I do about my employees who work from home?

There are products specifically geared for these types of employees. E-Comply, a new product from Poster Compliance Center, allows employees to download and print the labor law notices off of their computer. While this is not a substitute for the labor law posters-you are still required to have the actual posters- it can serve as a great resource for employees who don’t have regular access to the posters.

I have employees who work out of a truck or a small kiosk. We don’t have any space to hang the posters. How do I provide them with the labor laws?

The best option is to check out a mobile compliance guide. This is a small booklet that contains all the same labor laws that are on the regular posters, but in a more compact form. Just make sure you don’t use these in place of the actual posters, because they don’t follow all of the labor law compliance requirements.

Hopefully this answered your questions about hanging the labor posters. Please leave us a comment or question if there’s anything else you would like to know! You can also check out Poster Compliance Center’s website if you need new labor posters! If you want more articles and information about the labor laws, please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.