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I’m a loyal customer

I like your service, the options available and the easy navigation of the website, along with the price and prompt receipt of items! I’ve used this service from you guys for years now and I’m a loyal customer.

Julie W.


Great customer service was provided and I ended up ordering posters that I needed

Espe Munoz-Riddle reached out to me via phone & e-mail several weeks back concerning poster compliance. I had other items on my calendar at the time, but agreed to follow back up with her. She kept checking in with me until I had enough free time in which to call her. She was knowledgeable, very helpful & patient. Great customer service was provided and I ended up ordering posters that I needed. Thank You!

Jeff H.

HR Generalist

Poster Compliance Center saves our organization a lot of time

Poster Compliance Center is extremely reliable, accurate, fair-priced and easy to work with. They manage over 85 locations throughout the U.S. for us and back their service with warranty protection. Poster Compliance Center has proven they are accurate and timely in sending all state and federal compliance poster updates to our impacted locations, without any prompting from us. We have been with Poster Compliance Center for a couple years now and couldn’t be happier. Poster Compliance Center saves our organization a lot of time so we can focus on saving lives through cellular therapy at Be The Match.

Diane D.

Human Resources

The staff is amazing

I had questions about what posters I need in order to stay in compliance in my state. They set me up on their one system annual poster service and now I know I’m always in compliance.

Doug S.


Truly relieves me of worrying

As the financial administrator it is wonderful having this service to keep us current with our poster compliance for federal and state. It truly relieves me of worrying about this during the year.

Helen M.


My customer service treatment was star quality… One call does it all!

As with any bank preparing for an audit knows, it’s a toe tapping, hair pulling and nail biting experience for the receptionist “IF” you’re the sole file clerk. As it comes to D-Day (deadline day) you never want to come up short. That’s when you try all possible and logical resources to find that last invoice that’s hiding! When you’ve checked and checked and then checked again and again, it’s time to call for reinforcements and I did just that. I made that call.

One call did it all for me.

I called Poster Compliance Center and I got a warm and friendly hello, along with “of course I can help you” on the other end of the line. Donna was willing to help that needle in a haystack and she was polite, patient and professional. She produced a faxed copy of my missing invoice within 2 minutes after ending our call. I’m SO grateful that Poster Compliance Center has such a wonderful employee serving customers such as myself. I almost know that Donna was even wearing a smile while assisting me, because I could feel it.
Thanks, Donna! From one “VERY” satisfied customer!

Melissa A. S.