Fire Extinguisher 5" x 7" Plastic

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Poster Compliance Center offers a convenient 5 x 7 plastic fire extinguisher sign to be displayed in a conspicuous location. A fire extinguisher sign is one of the best ways to ensure employee safety and be ready in the case of a fire. The sign is in compliance according to OSHA fire extinguisher requirements for sign placement. It is made of a long-lasting durable material. The fire extinguisher symbol on the sign is intended to clearly indicate where a fire extinguisher can be accessed in an emergency. Your employees will be confident in the case of a fire.

No one ever expects a fire, but in the case of an emergency this helpful fire extinguisher sign will direct employees to take action. Our Fire Extinguisher Sign is self-adhesive and brightly colored for optimal placement, visibility, and fire safety. 

Fire Extinguisher 5 x 7 Plastic Sign Benefits

  • Self-adhesive
  • Each sign has a price of $10.50
  • OSHA compliant
  • Clearly labeled for visibility

Additional Fire Extinguisher Signs 

Poster Compliance Center also offers fire extinguisher signs in addition to the 5 x 7 sign. These include: 

18 x 4 Glow-in-the-Dark Fire Extinguisher

18 x 4 Metal Fire Extinguisher

10 x 4 Left Fire Extinguisher

10 x 4 Right Fire Extinguisher

Poster Compliance Center has a large inventory of safety signs that are OSHA compliant, perfect for your workplace. These signs inform employees about fire safety, hazards, or prepares them in case of an emergency. Whether you are looking for informative workplace signs, or safety signs, Poster Compliance Center has you covered.

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