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Maintaining full poster compliance year-round is no easy task—especially as your business grows and you enter new compliance brackets. Factor in variances in state and federal law, which impact multi-state operations, and you’ve got your hands full just trying to wrap your head around the basics. With an average of 2 to 3 mandatory changes per year, are free labor law poster downloads the most optimal way to maintain labor law compliance?


Did you know…
  • There are 6 required notices on the federal poster?
  • States can have as many as 6 to 10, sometimes more, required notices issued by multiple agencies?
  • You are required to display these notices in an area accessible to all employees, and keep them up-to-date?
  • Some industries require labor law posters to be laminated?

Putting this all together can become a small art project to say the least!


In addition to the extra work:

You’ll have to frequently check your state and federal Department of Labor websites along with the websites of other state and federal agencies. To find out about industry-specific notices and city/county posters, you’ll have to dive even deeper.


Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?

When talking business, time is money, and investing resources in the research and execution of poster compliance is a lengthy process. Furthermore, human error resulting in non-compliance can mean a fine of up to $33,486. Is it worth the risk?

Partnering with a dedicated compliance poster resource is cost-effective and eliminates the risk of penalty. Poster Compliance Center is dedicated to providing a compliance guarantee to our customers. We take the confusion out of labor law signage, giving you peace of mind and empowering you to focus your time and energy on your business.


Leave the labor law poster compliance to us

There is no such thing as a “one and done” compliance poster. So we introduced State & Federal Compliance Plans to become more than just a poster vendor. Our customers are our partners, and it’s our mission to provide year-round compliance with no hassles and no hidden charges.

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