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$25,000 Poster Violation Warranty

During the term of your OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan subscription, Poster Compliance Center warrants the accuracy of the labor law compliance posters and updates we send you which include all general notices required by state and federal law. Provided you have properly displayed the labor law poster and updates we sent to you, Poster Compliance Center will reimburse your company for any fines you pay that are due to outdated state and federal poster violations up to an aggregate of $25,000 per posting location per year. To view the most current version of our $25,000 Poster Violation Warranty, visit

Poster Compliance Center reserves the right to amend, modify or discontinue this Poster Violation Warranty at any time, or from time-to-time, without notice. Our product is not intended to provide legal or financial advice or substitute for the advice of any attorney or advisor. Our Poster Violation Warranty does not extend to or cover any nonstandard general notices required for a particular industry, type of commerce, sector, location, specialized posting requirement, particular workforce, or any other specialized notices that may be required by federal, state or local governments or agencies. Examples could include notices for a municipality, notices for federal contractors, notices that must be posted for the public or job applicants (in addition to those posted for employees), a labor law notice required in a language other than English (except Spanish notices for which the English version is contained in our English Poster Set and which are required by law to be posted in Spanish and are provided in Spanish by federal or state government agencies), public sector notices, signage that must be posted at a specific location in your business such as the entrance, or a notice that can only be obtained by employers through, for example, an insurance company.

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