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State Date Law Required Change  
Federal July 2016 Minimum Wage (FLSA)
  • Updated information in Enforcement section
  • New information states that employers should avoid incorrectly classifying workers as “independent contractors” when they are actually employees
  • New section about accommodations for nursing mothers
  • New Revision Date of 07/16
Polygraph Protection
  • Updated information in Enforcement section
  • New Revision Date of 07/16
OSHA ("It's the Law")
  • Workers have the right to report work-related injuries and illnesses without retaliation
Federal Contractor January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • The minimum wage will increase to $10.35 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018. (The rate is adjusted for inflation every January 1.)
  • The tipped wage will increase to $7.25 per hour.
  • New Revision Date of 1/18
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Alabama October 2012 Child Labor Laws
  • New section about recordkeeping requirements for employers
  • Changes to Alcoholic Beverages section
  • New information about Child Labor Certificates, including posting requirements
  • New Revision Date of 2012
Unemployment Compensation
  • Department of Industrial Relations has been merged into Alabama Department of Labor
  • New ​contact information
Alaska January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $9.84 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018
  • New Revision Date of 1/18
AKOSH (Safety & Health)
  • Employers may not retaliate against employees who file a complaint regarding safety and health standards.
  • Employers must report an in-patient hospitalization, loss of an eye, amputation, or fatality to AKOSH or OSHA within 8 hours.
Arizona January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $10.50 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018
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Arkansas June 2015 Minimum Wage (Notice to Employer & Employee)
  • Updated Child Labor section
  • New Revision Date of 4/6/2015
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California January 2018 Cal OSHA
  • Out-of-date penalty amounts have been removed. A website with new penalty amounts has been added.
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Programs must now meet the California Code of Regulations requirements.
  • Revision Date of October 2017
Workplace Discrimination
  • New training requirement for supervisors to prevent sexual harassment
  • Revision Date of November 2017
Transgender Rights
  • New notice outlines transgender rights in the workplace.
  • Publication Date of November 2017
Colorado January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $10.20 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018. Tipped wage will be $7.18 per hour.
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Connecticut October 2017 Discrimination
  • Discrimination based on veteran status is prohibited in employment, housing & public accommodations, and credit transactions.
Workers' Compensation
  • Employees must now file workers’ compensation claims using Form 30C.
  • Employees are now required to send claims by certified mail to the location listed on the notice. Employees must ask the employer where to file claims if a location is not provided on the notice.
  • New Revision Date of 10/1/17
Delaware January 2017 Discrimination
  • Expanded categories prohibiting discrimination include family care responsibilities and reproductive health decisions
  • Time limits for filing a Charge of Discrimination expanded to within 30 days of the alleged unlawful employment practice
  • New Revision Date of 1/11/2017
Workers' Compensation
  • Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance
  • New Revision Date of 1/11/2017
Florida January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $8.25 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018.  Rate will be recalculated every year based on CPI.
  • Increases to $5.23 per hour for tipped employees
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Georgia June 2018 Unemployment Insurance
  • Benefit claims may be filed online using the website address added to the notice.
  • List of Career Center offices where claims may be filed in person has been updated.
  • Info about providing a separation notice from the employer has been removed.
  • New Revision Date of 6/18
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Hawaii January 2018 HIOSH (Safety & Health)
  • Employers must report:
    • Work-related fatalities within 8 hours
    • Inpatient hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye within 24 hours
  • Workers must be trained in a language and vocabulary they can understand.
  • Penalty amounts have been removed.
  • New Revision Date of January 2018
Wage and Hour Laws
  • Family Leave Law
    • Employees may now use leave to care for a sibling.
  • New Revision Date of 12/15/17
Idaho March 2017 Discrimination
  • Expanded information prohibits age discrimination against individuals who are 40 years of age and above.
  • Individuals may exercise their rights without retaliation.
  • New Revision Date of 3/1/17
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Illinois September 2017 Employment Rights
  • New amendment to Illinois Human Rights Act includes a poster requirement
  • Discrimination categories protected under the law include race, religion, and retaliation for opposing unlawful discrimination
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Indiana August 2015 Teen Work Hours
  • Extensive changes to:
    • Maximum hours of work
    • Break requirements
    • Additional information
  • New contact information
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Iowa April 2016 Safety & Health
  • New information about reporting certain work-related hospitalizations
  • Employees can file a complaint within 30 days if employer retaliates against them for exercising their rights.
  • New information on employees’ right to records of exposure to hazardous substances and conditions
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Kansas April 2013 Workers' Compensation
  • New time limits for employees to notify their employers of an accident or injury. 
  • Applies to accidents on or after April 25, 2013
  • Revision Date of 4/13
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Kentucky June 2018 Child Labor
  • Minors 16 & 17 years old may work up to 32.5 hours per week with written permission from a parent/legal guardian. Rules for working 40 hours in a week are unchanged.
  • These minors may not work before 6:00 A.M, and after 11:00 P.M. preceding a school day. Their work hours on school days must not exceed 6.5 hours.
  • Publication Date of 5/1/2018
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Louisiana March 2018 Earned Income Credit
  • New income limits for Earned Income Credits eligibility; maximum income limit raised to $48,340 ($53,930 married filing jointly, with three or more children)
  • New income limits for those with fewer or no children
  • New Revision Date of March 2017
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Maine January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $10.00 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018. The tipped wage remains at $5.00.
  • New Revision Date of 12/17
Video Display Terminals (formerly Safe Work for Computer Operators)
  • Updated notice includes details of the law.
  • Employers must create an education/training program for computer operators within 30 days of employment and annually thereafter.
  • New Revision Date of 4/17
Maryland April 2018 Earned Sick and Safe Leave
  • New law requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide paid sick and safe leave for certain employees.
  • Employers with 14 or fewer employees must provide unpaid leave for certain employees.
  • Leave may also be used for a family member’s mental or physical illness, injury, or condition.
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Massachusetts July 2018 Equal Pay
  • Under the updated Equal Pay Act effective July 1, 2018, employers may not:
    • Pay employees of a different gender unequal wages for comparable work, with some exceptions
    • Prohibit employees from disclosing wages
    • Ask applicants about pay history prior to making an offer of employment with compensation

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Michigan March 2017 Discrimination
  • New time limits within which people with disabilities must notify their employers if they need accommodations for employment
  • Updated contact information
  • New Revision Date of 2/2017
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Minnesota January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Effective Jan. 1, 2018, the following minimum wage rates will apply:
    • Large employer (annual sales of $500,000 or more) – $9.65 per hour
    • Small employer (annual sales less than $500,000) – $7.87 per hour
    • Youth wage (employees age 17 or younger) – $7.87 per hour
    • Training wage – $7.87 per hour
    • J-1 Visa – $7.87 per hour
  • New Revision Date of October 2017
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Mississippi June 2012 Notice Concerning Changes to Workers' Compensation Law
  • New poster required by Senate Bill 2576
  • New changes effective July 1, 2012
  • Applies to injuries occurring on or after July 1, 2012
  • Revision Date of 6/14/12
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Missouri March 2018 Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Detailed information on applying for benefits has been added.
  • To ensure benefits, workers should contact the Department of Labor if they believe they were improperly classified as independent contractors.
  • New Revision Date of 3/18
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Nebraska January 2017 Unemployment Insurance
  • New information added about special accommodations
  • Claimants must register for work and create an active, online, and searchable resume in the Nebraska Department of Labor Reemployment and Benefit Services web application.
  • New Revision Date of 9/21/16
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Nevada April 2018 2018 Annual Minimum Wage Bulletin & 2018 Annual Daily Overtime Bulletin
  • Annual recalculation for July 1 does not include a rate change
  • New Posting Date of April 1, 2018
Nursing Mother’s Accommodation Act
  • Notice no longer required
New Hampshire July 2017 Protective Legislation Law
  • Updated schedule for payment of wages
  • New Revision Date of 7/13/17
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New Jersey July 2018 Equal Pay Act
  • New law amends New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination (LAD)
  • Effective July 1, 2018, employers are prohibited from:
    • Providing unfair wages and benefits to employees based on gender and all the protected classes in the LAD (with some exceptions)
    • Retaliating against employees for disclosing information about their compensation

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New Mexico February 2016 Discrimination
  • Expanded information on New Mexico Human Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, credit, and public accommodations, and prohibits retaliation for complaints
  • New information on filing a complaint
  • New Revision Date of 12/2015
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New York January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Rate increases effective Dec. 31, 2017:
    • New York City – $13.00 per hour for employers with 11 or more employees; $12.00 per hour for employers with 10 or fewer employees
    • Long Island & Westchester County – $11.00 per hour
    • Remainder of New York State – $10.40 per hour
  • New Revision Date of 12/17
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North Carolina December 2017 Wage & Hour Act
  • New Employee Classification law added to notice. Workers defined as employees under state laws must be treated as employees. Employees misclassified as independent contractors may file a complaint.
  • Right-to-Work Laws apply to collective bargaining or labor unions. NC DOL does not enforce union labor laws.
  • New Revision Date of 11/17
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North Dakota August 2015 Minimum Wage & Work Conditions
  • New information about limitations on paid time off
  • Added “pregnancy” to list of prohibited discrimination categories
  • New Effective Date of Aug. 1, 2015
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Ohio January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $8.30 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018
  • Rate for tipped employees increases to $4.15 per hour
  • Employers who gross less than $305,000 shall pay employees no less than federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour
  • New Revision Date of 9/30/17
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Oklahoma March 2014 Discrimination
  • Expanded discrimination categories
  • New information about unlawful harassment and retaliation
  • New information on filing a complaint
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Oregon April 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Updated rates effective July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019:
    • Standard: $10.75 per hour
    • Portland Metro: $12.00 per hour
    • Nonurban Counties: $10.50 per hour
Equal Pay
  • Effective October 6, 2017:
    • Employers may not ask applicants/employees about pay history prior to making an employment offer including a compensation amount.
  • Effective January 1, 2019:
    • Employers may not discriminate against employees by paying members of a protected class different wages for similar work.
  • Publication Date of 2/2018
Pennsylvania October 2016 Unemployment Compensation
  • Employees must file within the first week of becoming unemployed or may lose some benefit eligibility
  • Updated information on applying for compensation 
  • New Revision Date of ​9/2016
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Rhode Island January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $10.10 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018
  • New Revision Date of 1/2018
Healthy & Safe Families and Workplaces Act
  • New notice states employees may take leave for their own and family members’ health and safety needs.
  • Publication Date of 1/2018
  • New notice states employers may not inquire about an applicant’s criminal history on a job application.
  • Publication Date of 1/2018
South Carolina July 2018 Employment Discrimination
  • Discrimination based on pregnancy & childbirth or related medical conditions, including lactation, is prohibited.
  • Age discrimination now applies to individuals over the age of 40.
  • Includes examples of unlawful discrimination and information on how employees can file a formal complaint.
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South Dakota January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $8.85 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018
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Tennessee June 2018 Workers' Compensation
  • Information regarding types of covered employers has been removed.
  • Employers must complete a workplace injury form and notify their workers’ comp insurance company even if they have concerns about the validity of a claim.
  • In an emergency, employers should call an ambulance and provide Form C-42 to the injured employee once stabilized.
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Texas July 2018 Employer's Notification of Ombudsman Program
  • Employer posting requirements were removed from the notice.
  • New Revision Date of 4/18
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Utah May 2017 Workers' Compensation
  • Expanded description of workers’ compensation insurance benefits
  • Updated instructions for reporting accidents and applying for benefits
  • New Revision Date of May 2017
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Vermont January 2018 Pregnancy Accommodations
  • New posting requirement, effective Jan. 1, 2018
  • Employers must provide reasonable accommodations for pregnancy-related conditions.
  • Publication Date of November 2017
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Virginia March 2018 Virginia Credit for Low Income Individuals
  • New notice outlines Virginia income tax credit available for those who qualify
Earned Income Tax Credit
  • New information on eligibility for the Federal EITC program for the 2017 tax year
  • New contact information for help with the qualification process
  • EITC applies to working people who:
    • Earn less than $53,930
    • Have a valid Social Security number
    • Have no more than $3,450 of investment income
    • Are generally U.S. citizens or resident aliens for the entire tax year
  • New Revision Date of 10-2017
Washington January 2018 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $11.50 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2018. 14- or 15-year-olds may be paid $9.78 per hour.
  • New Revision Date of 9/2017
Your Rights as a Worker
  • Includes information about the new Paid Sick Leave law, effective Jan. 1, 2018. Most employees will accrue 1 hour of PSL for every 40 hours worked.
  • Parents of working teens ages 14–17 must sign authorization forms for both school year and summertime work.
  • New Revision Date of 8/2017
Unemployment Benefits
  • Benefits assistance by phone is now limited to two days a week.
  • New Revision Date of 10/17​
Washington D.C. July 2017 Minimum Wage
  • Increases to $12.50 per hour effective July 1, 2017, $13.25 per hour effective July 1, 2018, $14.00 per hour effective July 1, 2019, and to $15.00 per hour effective July 1, 2020
  • For tipped employees, increases to $3.33 per hour effective July 1, 2017, $3.89 per hour effective July 1, 2018, $4.45 per hour effective July 1, 2019, and to $5.00 per hour effective July 1, 2020
  • In 2021, the minimum wage will increase annually based on CPI for all employees
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West Virginia August 2017 Wage Payment & Collection Act
  • Employers are required to give employees immediate access to their wages through a conveniently located bank.
  • New information regarding wage deductions
  • New Revision Date of June 2017
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Wisconsin October 2017 Unemployment Insurance
  • Employers must enter their business name and address in the box provided on the notice for employees to reference.
  • New contact information has been provided for employees who need help with online services, assistance due to a disability, and information in alternate formats or languages.
  • New Revision Date of 10/2017
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Wyoming May 2018 Health & Safety
  • Penalty amounts for most violations have been removed. Info on how to obtain penalty amounts has been added.
  • Occupations not covered by Wyoming OSHA have been removed.
  • New Revision Date of 4/19/18
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