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2017 Labor Law Poster Updates

Most employers are aware of their responsibility to display labor law posters in a conspicuous place that employees can easily access. But did you know these posters must be updated whenever the laws change? There have been over 90 labor law poster updates in 2017, so far! Furthermore, it is likely that your business’s labor law posters needed updating at least once within the last eight months. You might ask, “I change my posters at

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Avoid Compliance Poster Scams this Holiday Season

Oh no! You’ve received a letter in the mail that looks like an official government mailer. It’s telling you about a mandatory change and insists that if you don’t update your compliance posters you’ll be fined thousands of dollars. The letter is vague and becomes more and more confusing as you read it. Your credit card information is requested and there is so much small print you aren’t entirely sure

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How Sustainability and Labor Law Posters Can Go Hand-in-Hand

Over the last few years, the importance of doing whatever we can to minimize our footprint on the earth has come to the forefront. This concept can apply to any business, even the labor law poster industry. Help Preserve the Environment by Ordering Labor Law Posters One significant and simple step that each of us can do – when obtaining the mandatory state and federal labor law posters – is to

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Friday Feature - FAQ About Labor Law Posters

 Q: I am a small business owner and have only one employee… Am I required to post compliance posters? A: Yes, if you pay payroll tax for even one employee, you are required to post state and federal compliance posters.  To learn more about the labor posters you may be required to post, please read our previous post about federal labor posters. To check out your state requirements, please begin

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The Scoop on the E-Verify Poster – Employer Guidelines

If you have hired an employee in recent years, we know you’re already familiar with posting the required labor law posters. However, chances are you’re also familiar with E-Verify – an online resource managed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to allow employers to verify the employment eligibility of new hires. The USCIS says more than 500,000 employers are enrolled in E-Verify all across the United States and

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Everything You Need to Know About Nevada Labor Law Posters

Nevada, the desert with the best nightlife, is equally lively when it comes to the mandatory state and federal labor law posters. Nevada is a busy state, which means, if you plan to take care of the labor law posters on your own, you may find yourself busy as well. If you’re responsible for the Nevada labor law posters, here’s what you may want to know: Nevada Labor Law Posters

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Keeping Up Compliance in the New Age of City Posters

  You may have heard about them. Even if you haven’t, they’re coming to a city (and county) near you. That’s right, cities and counties across the country are creating their own labor laws, such as increased minimum wage and mandated paid sick leave. A new category of labor law posters is emerging at lightning speed: the city and county poster!  From San Francisco, CA, all the way to Trenton,

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Why Labor Law Posters Are Essential

As a business owner, you may not consider labor law compliance as an integral part of your daily operations. For anyone new to compliance, labor law posters include information related to employee rights, such as minimum wage information and OSHA guidelines, that every business owner is required to post. Even if a business has only one person on payroll, these notices are required. There are mandatory labor law posters at

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3 Compelling Reasons to Subscribe to a Poster Compliance Service

Every employer should be aware of the concept of poster compliance, but this is not a topic that you want to spend all of your time on. To be compliant means meeting the requirements of properly posting current federal and state labor law posters for your employees. Many employers are choosing to subscribe to a poster compliance service, but what are the advantages of such a subscription? The answer is

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Got Spanish? ¡Si, We Do!

Bienvenido to our new Spanish state labor law posters!  Poster Compliance Center has expanded its line of labor law poster products en español so you can enjoy painless compliance in both English and Spanish! Take advantage of our ““Get the Set – We’ll Do the Rest!” campaign all month long – order a Spanish complete set for only $48.50 and get a FREE upgrade to a  OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan

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