Washington D.C. Issues New Labor Law Poster for Accrued Sick & Safe Leave Act; Final Rules Adopted

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A new poster has been issued for the Washington D.C. Accrued Sick & Safe Leave Act of 2008 since final rules for implementing the Act were recently adopted, according to the D.C. Department of Employment Services, Office of Wage-Hour.

This new D.C. labor law poster must be posted by all employers.

The Accrued Sick & Safe Leave Act, which went into effect in November 2008, requires employers to provide paid leave to employees for illness and for absences associated with domestic violence or sexual abuse.   Employees accrue hours based on the size of their company and the number of hours they work.

For more information about the Washington D.C. labor law poster or to learn more about a 1-Year Compliance Protection Plan, go to the Poster Compliance Center Washington DC labor law poster page or call 1-800-322-3636.