USERRA and Your Business

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) is a Federal law that establishes rights and responsibilities for uniformed service members and their civilian employers. This act protects the employment, benefits, and rights of employees in the uniformed services.

Employers with businesses in the United States must display Your Rights Under USERRA notice or distribute it to their employees. Distribution methods may include written notification such as postal mail, email, or handing out the notice. Whatever distribution method is used needs to be fully informative.

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Who is protected under the federal law?

The jobs of individuals who leave their positions of employment to enter into military service for the United States of America (either voluntarily or involuntarily) are protected. This protection also applies to individuals who leave their jobs to serve in the National Disaster Medical System.

What's included

The USERRA rights and benefits notice includes specific details about reemployment rights. It also includes an explanation about health insurance protection and anti-discrimination rights for uniformed service members. The USERRA notice provides resources for uniformed service members who are having employment difficulties. The notification also provides resources for individuals whose rights have been violated under USERRA. The USERRA notice contains detailed information on the following topics:

Reemployment Rights

Individuals who leave to go into the uniformed services have a right to their previous position at their previous place of employment once they return from their service duty. In order to qualify to regain their position, individuals who leave for the uniformed services must provide either written or verbal notice in advance of their service duty. Individuals trying to regain their civilian employment must also have less than five years of service in the uniformed services while with that particular employer and they must return to their civilian job in a timely manner after leaving the uniformed services. Lastly, in order to regain a civilian position, these individuals must be in good standing with the uniformed services.


Health Insurance Protection

Individuals who leave their civilian employment to perform military service have the option to retain coverage from their civilian employment health insurance plan for themselves and their dependents. Coverage may last up to 24 months after leaving their place of civilian employment.

Right Against Discrimination and Retaliation

Your employer may not discriminate or retaliate against you as a past or present member or applicant of the uniformed service, including in initial employment, reemployment, employment retention, promotion, or benefits. Employers must not discriminate against veterans with disabilities. Employers may not retaliate against any individual seeking rights under Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act or any individual who helps another individual retain those rights.



Individuals who believe their rights have been violated by an employer may file a complaint with the Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS). Violations may be investigated and civil action charges may be taken.

Which employers are affected by this federal law?

All employers in the United States, regardless of size, must abide by the principles of the USERRA rights and benefits law. Employers who don’t abide by the principles of this law are subject to investigation by the Veterans Employment and Training Service, the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Labor, or the Office of Special Counsel. If a determination of violation is established, legal action may be taken against the company at fault. In addition, employers are required to inform employees of their rights under this law by displaying or distributing the notice.

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