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Hairstyle Discrimination Laws

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Biases against natural hair have been deeply ingrained in society at large and in workplaces in particular for generations. African Americans have had to endure harassment, punishment and even termination for their hairstyles, which constitutes unfair treatment and a blatant civil rights violation.    Consequently, many states have implemented a version of the “Create a […]

Why Do Age Discrimination Laws Only Protect Those Over Age 40?

Age Discrimination

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is one of several federal labor laws that prohibit discrimination in the workplace. The ADEA, as its name implies, prohibits employers from firing, refusing to hire, or otherwise discriminating against employees because of their age. But the ADEA doesn’t protect everyone from discrimination based on age—only employees who are 40 […]

Labor Law and Mandatory Workplace Postings in Florida


The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) and other state agencies require Florida employers to comply with various federal and state labor laws. These labor laws require all Florida employers to conspicuously post several specific notices. Employers of certain sizes or in particular industries may be subject to additional labor law posting requirements.  To get […]