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Sexual Harassment Laws Apply to Small Businesses Too

Sexual Harassment Training

The trend continues: more states now require large and small employers to train their employees to prevent workplace sexual harassment.  What Laws Protect Employees From Sexual Harassment? Examples of states that have updated their sexual harassment laws in recent years include: Connecticut As part of the Time’s Up Act, Connecticut employers with at least three […]

CA Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

In 2018, a new California law went into effect that requires employers with five or more employees to provide training on sexual harassment prevention to all employees: one hour of training for rank-and-file employees and two hours of training to their supervisors. (Previously, California’s sexual harassment training law covered only employers with 50 or more […]

New Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws in New York State & New York City

Employers in New York State and New York City should be aware of recent legislation expanding employee protections related to sexual harassment in the workplace. What’s Happening in New York State? New York State’s approved budget for fiscal year 2018–2019 includes legislation that addresses workplace sexual harassment. Under the law, the NYS Department of Labor […]