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4 Tell-Tale Signs of a Labor Law Compliance Scam

  After 28 years as a reputable labor law poster provider, we’ve seen our fair share of unscrupulous business practices. With scare tactics, aggressive phone calls, and threatening mailers, a labor law compliance scam can lead well-meaning business owners to spend money on a labor law poster (or posters) that they don’t even need. Our ultimate goal is for your business to be labor law poster compliant, so whether you

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Are “Free” Labor Law Compliance Posters Free, Or Not?

A question we hear quite often is, “If I can download free state and federal labor law posters from the Internet, why would I purchase posters from a provider?” This is a fair question, indeed. Since many government agencies provide free 2018 labor law posters on their websites for download, this may seem like the most economical way to handle compliance at first glance. But here are some things to

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