Frequently Asked Questions

About Poster Compliance Center

Why should I work with you?
Since 1991, Poster Compliance Center has provided companies of all sizes, all across the United States, with accurate, reliable labor law posters. We have flexible compliance programs that fit the needs of any type of business, no matter the industry or location.

How can I contact you if I have a question?
Our friendly Customer Service Representatives are available Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.

You can reach us by telephone at 1-800-322-3636, by email at [email protected], through live chat, through the contact form on our website, or by fax at 1-800-444-4324.

Why does your information differ from other poster companies at times?
Poster Compliance Center publishes labor law posters containing only mandatory labor law information. We constantly monitor each posting requirement and issuing agency for poster updates as well as pending legislation that may require a new poster. As labor laws change or are added, we update our posters with all mandatory changes. This enables us to be ahead of the curve with our poster updates. Some of our competitors add nonmandatory notices to their posters, creating the impression that these notices are required when they are not.

Will you update me on changes in labor law poster requirements?
Yes. Our Labor Law Update emails go out to subscribers when there is a mandatory change that affects them. We also send bimonthly update bulletins that contain information regarding changes that have occurred in the past two months. Occasionally, we send emails when there is an important development, a new product announcement, or when we have a special offer. Sign Me Up!

Are your posters compliant with federal, state, and local requirements?
Yes. We monitor all labor laws around the country to ensure we stay up to date on the latest posting requirements. In addition, we make sure our posters meet the demands of every federal, state, and local agency that requires posters, including their specifications for the precise wording of all posters as well as the dimensions, font sizes, and colors.

Dedicated Customer Service Representative?
Have a question? You can get in touch with our live Customer Service Representatives Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm via our online chat or by phone at 800.322.3636. 

Spanish Language Posters

Do I have to post any of our posters in Spanish?
It depends on how much of your workforce is bilingual and where your company is located. For example, if your company is located in Arizona, California, Florida, New York, or Texas, then you must post labor law posters in both English and Spanish. Otherwise, the best practice is to post Spanish language posters if any members of your workforce are not capable of understanding English language posters.

We have Spanish speaking employees, does the labor law compliance plan cover Spanish posters?
Yes, we offer Spanish labor law posters with our labor law compliance plan. We recommend familiarizing yourself with your state requirements for Spanish labor law posters as the requirements can vary by state.

Do you publish Spanish labor law posters?
Yes! We offer Spanish language posters containing notices in Spanish that are issued by federal and state agencies. The posting requirements for Spanish labor law posters vary by state. For more information, visit your state’s page on our website.

Why can’t I order a complete Spanish state poster for every state? Other poster companies will sell them to me.
To ensure the accuracy of our labor law posters, our Spanish language posters contain notices that are prepared and issued in Spanish by the federal or state government agency. Some of our competitors translate the English version of the notice, but we have found that the accuracy of translations can be subject to a translator’s understanding (or misunderstanding!) of labor laws. Be careful when purchasing translated notices that haven’t been issued by the government agency.

Minimum Wage

What is the federal minimum wage?
The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour; it was raised from $6.55 to $7.25 on July 24, 2009. Keep in mind that 29 states plus Washington, D.C., currently have minimum wages that exceed the federal minimum wage. In those states, employers must pay the state minimum wage rather than the federal minimum wage.

What is the minimum wage in my state, city, or county?
Check our minimum wage pages for information on the current minimum wage in your state or locality, Federal, State, and Local Wage Laws in the United States.

When will the next federal minimum wage change go into effect?
There is no set schedule for federal minimum wage updates. To raise the minimum wage, Congress must first pass a bill that the president must then sign into law.

When was the most recent change to the federal minimum wage?
The most recent federal minimum wage went into effect on July 24, 2009, raising the minimum wage from $6.55 to $7.25 per hour.

What is the federal minimum wage for workers who receive tips?
The minimum a tipped employee can be paid is $2.13 per hour if that amount plus the tips the employee receives equals at least the federal minimum wage. The employee must retain all tips and regularly receive more than $30 a month in tips to qualify for the tipped employee minimum wage.

What is the federal minimum wage for workers under the age of 20?
The federal minimum wage for young workers under the age of 20 is $4.25 per hour for the first 90 consecutive calendar days of employment. After 90 consecutive days or when the employee reaches 20 years of age, whichever comes first, the minimum wage increases to $7.25 per hour.

Which minimum wage takes precedence: federal, state, or local?
The law with the highest minimum wage takes precedence. So, for example, if state law requires a higher minimum wage than $7.25 per hour, it takes precedence over the lower federal minimum wage. Similarly, if a city or county requires a higher minimum wage than the state, it takes precedence over the lower state minimum wage.

Why are multiple minimum wages listed for my state, city, or county?
Some states and localities have more than one minimum wage rate. The different rates may be based on the size of a business or the area of the state where a business is located. In addition, certain states have youth or training wages. For more details, and to find out which minimum wage applies to your business, visit the individual state or city/county pages on our website.

Why isn’t my city or county in your minimum wage table?
Not all cities and counties have a minimum wage law. Only cities and counties that have their own law and require a minimum wage poster appear in our table.

Do I have to post labor law posters if I pay everyone more than the minimum wage?
Yes. Even if you are paying your employees more than the minimum wage, and even if your state minimum wage is higher than the federal minimum wage, you still must post the federal minimum wage poster, along with other required labor law posters. Other required federal labor law posters include those explaining Equal Employment Opportunity laws, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, the Polygraph Protection Act, and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act. Additionally, each state has its own posting requirements, and many cities and counties may have posting requirements.

What’s the penalty for not having a current federal or state minimum wage poster?
The potential penalty for failing to post a current federal or state labor law poster depends on the state where you work. Keep in mind that if you break a required posting law, you may face additional problems beyond a fine. For example, a disgruntled employee may take legal action against your company to resolve an issue, and courts and government agencies may consider your company’s failure to post current posters when assessing your workplace culture during investigations of violations of other workplace regulations.

Ordering Posters

How can I place an order?
It’s easy to order from Poster Compliance Center. You can shop online, or order by phone 1-800-322-3636, Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm. You may also order by email at [email protected], or live chat on our website. 

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as checks made payable to “Poster Compliance Center”.

How soon will my posters arrive?
Your labor law posters will arrive within 5 to 10 business days unless you choose an expedited shipping method.

How can I check the status of my posters?
We supply tracking codes for all shipments so you can track your shipment online. Occasionally, we may delay the shipment of new posters if there has been an additional labor law notice change during the time that we’re updating our poster. We’ll let you know if this is the case. Our standard shipping is by ground, but please let us know if you need expedited shipping when you place your order.

What happens if the poster changes a month after I buy it from you?
We’ll apply the cost of your first order to an upgrade to the 1-Year Compliance Plan. You’ll receive the newly updated poster and any other updates to that poster automatically for 12 months.

What is the turnaround time for us to receive updates after a mandatory change occurs?
Our shipping date will depend on when the issuing government agency releases the official posting. Once the official posting is available, we expedite the changes, print and ship your update as quickly as possible.

What are your shipping rates?

Our Annual Compliance Plan comes with a one-time shipping charge of $14.95 per plan, which covers you for the entire length of your service. This means you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping on any updates or renewals. We also offer expedited shipping options, such as overnight and second-day air delivery, for your convenience. For more information on our standard and rush shipping rates, please refer to our Shipping Rates page. Please note that shipping charges for other products are $14.95 per shipment per location.

Tell us about your shipping operation?
If you order before noon EST, we ship the same day. If you order after noon EST, we ship the next day. We maintain 97% next day shipping rate on new orders and we’re committed to continuous improvement.

I am trying to place an order on your website but I am getting an error message to check my credit card information. I have verified that the credit card number is correct. Why isn’t the payment going through?
The billing address that you enter must match the address where the credit card statements are sent. If you continue to have trouble, call us at 1-800-322-3636.

How do I submit my tax-exempt form?
You can email [email protected].

Are online payments secure?
Yes. We strive to keep your corporate and personal information safe. We use industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on all Web pages where financial information is required. To make purchases from the Poster Compliance Center Store, you must use an SSL-enabled browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. This protects the confidentiality of your credit card information while it is transmitted over the Internet. This Web site is secured using a Digital Certificate. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted. Please click on the Authentic Site Seal, which demonstrates our commitment to your security

How do I view my order details?
If you’re an online customer, you can access all order information on your dashboard. To view online purchases, phone orders, invoices, and more call to speak with our Client Success Team to request an invitation code to My Compliance Center.

What is your billing policy?
Our billing policy is NET 30.

What is your tax policy?
We charge sales tax when appropriate. If the customer is tax-exempt then we need proof and we will remove the sales tax once the proof is received.

What is your reshipment policy?

We take pride in getting your posters to you quickly and in pristine condition. This policy outlines our process for reshipments in case of damage or loss.

Damaged Posters:
  • We will happily replace a damaged poster one time free of charge.
  • To receive a replacement, please contact us with pictures of the damage within 3 days of delivery to [email protected].
Lost Posters:
  • If your tracking information indicates your poster was never delivered, we will reship your order for free.
  • If your tracking information indicates your poster was delivered but you cannot locate it, we will reship your order once for a shipping fee.
General Information:
  • Replacement posters are reprinted free of charge.
  • By placing an order, you agree to the terms of this reshipment policy.
  • To receive a replacement, please contact us at [email protected].

1-Year Compliance Plan

What is the 1-Year Compliance Plan?
Labor laws can change at any time, and most companies must post at least six federal notices, not to mention numerous state notices, that are all subject to change. When you’re a company operating in multiple states or localities, keeping up with the laws can quickly become a time-consuming burden. Our Annual Compliance Plan takes the headaches out of poster compliance. We monitor all changes in federal, state, and local laws so you don’t have to. And if there’s a mandatory change that affects one of your federal or state labor law posters, we will automatically send you the update, as guaranteed by our Annual Compliance Plan—all you have to do is post it!

I’m responsible for maintaining compliance posters for our locations across the nation. I don’t have the time or resources to track changes in every state. Do you have a special program to help me?
Our account managers are available to help you maintain compliance for multiple locations with special pricing, invoicing options, and advice. We recommend our Annual Compliance Plan: it’s the perfect solution to managing multiple sites. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. We can answer questions and give you recommendations on how to make sure your company is fully compliant with federal, state, and local posting requirements.

How often do you send updates?
As guaranteed by our Annual Compliance Plan, we send updates whenever a mandatory labor law change occurs. Because labor law changes can occur at any time, when you receive a shipment from us, please open it and display your update immediately!

Will you send new posters when I renew my 1-Year Compliance Plan?
Your 1-year plan has been keeping your labor law posters in compliance for the past year. Renewing your plan will continue that coverage, but we won’t send posters upon your renewal—we’ll only send updates for mandatory changes. If you find that you are missing a poster, please contact us through live chat for a replacement poster.

Can I renew my 1-Year Compliance Plan online?
Yes. You can renew through our customer portal – My Compliance Center. You will be notified 90 days before your plan end date with instructions. 

If I purchase the 1-Year Compliance Plan, when does the year start?
The term of your plan is 12 months from the date that your posters ship. For example, if your order ships on August 5, you will be covered until August 5 of the following year.

How do I cancel my online subscription?

To cancel your subscription online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to the website using your Username and Password.
  2. Navigate to My Account and select Manage Subscriptions to view all your subscriptions.
  3. Click on View to access the details of the subscription.
  4. Then, click on Cancel to initiate the cancellation process. Your subscription status will change to Pending Cancellation immediately.
  5. You will continue to enjoy updates until the end date of your current plan, and you won’t be charged for the next payment cycle.

Guaranteed Compliance

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes. We guarantee that our labor law compliance posters & digital service eComply360 and updates are 100% accurate.

What is your $41,000 Poster Violation Warranty?
When you subscribe to our Annual Compliance Plan or eComply360 you’re automatically eligible for our $41,000 Poster Violation Warranty. That means that if you are caught out of compliance with any federal or state poster law at any time during your subscription, we will cover any fines up to an aggregate amount of $41,000 per posting location per year, so long as you have posted the current labor law posters and updates that we have sent you. 

Return Policy

How can I return items?
At Poster Compliance Center, we are committed to providing you with valuable compliance solutions. We make every effort to ensure that each order exceeds your expectations. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, we will be happy to accept your return within 60 days of your invoice date. All returned posters must be in new, unused condition for a credit or refund. Please return items in the same shipping materials, if possible, and include a brief explanation of the reason for your return with a copy of the invoice.

How long will it take for a return to be processed?
We will process returns within 30 days and issue a credit or refund to your account.

Corporate Solutions

Do you offer special pricing for large orders?
Yes! We offer cost-effective plans for companies that order 30 or more posters. To learn about our scaled volume discount pricing, please call Customer Service at 1-800-322-3636 and ask for Special Pricing. We will be happy to accommodate you.

Labor Law Posters

What industries do you serve?
We work with businesses of all sizes and industries including yours. Shop Industry-Specific labor law posters today for restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, construction, federal contractor, retail and more.

Federal, state, and local laws require specific industries to post additional posters separate from State and Federal labor law posters. Choosing not to post required labor law posters is not only violating the law but is a costly mistake.

Which labor law posters do I have to post?
Businesses are required to post mandatory State and Federal labor law posters in addition to City and County. Even specific industries and specific business types require additional posting requirements. Example, the federal government requires restaurants, retail, hospitality, healthcare, construction, federal contractors, and financial institutes to post posters specific to their industry. Our State and Federal Compliance Plans include all mandatory notices Federal and your State.

How many labor law posters do I need?
You must post a copy of each required labor law poster in each of your facilities or office locations. However, if you have employees that do not frequent a common location in an office complex, then you will need a copy for each building in the complex.

How often do I need to update my labor law posters?
Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to this. The simplest answer is whenever the federal, state or local agency responsible for the poster updates it based on a new or amended law. Some states and localities need to update their posters annually, while others update their posters less frequently.

I always update my labor law posters every January. Is that all I need to do?
No. It is a common misconception that you must update your employment posters once a year in January. In fact, you must update your posters whenever there is a mandatory change, which can happen at any time of the year. You can sign up here to receive free labor law poster updates by email whenever required labor law changes occur.

How can I tell whether my poster is up to date?
To ensure you have the most current labor law poster use the Poster Code Checker tool. Visit the Labor Law Updates page for the latest updates for your State or visit the State product page to review the Recent Changes tab.
*If you are a compliance plan member and have discovered you have an outdated poster contact our Client Success Team to be shipped the latest labor law poster. Customers without a plan must purchase the newest poster.

Where should I post my labor law posters?
You must post your labor law posters in a conspicuous location that all employees can access, such as in a breakroom, in a common hallway, or near a time clock. If you have employees on multiple floors of a building or in other locations away from your main office who do not visit a common area, you may need to post labor law posters in multiple locations. Keep in mind that if you hang a poster behind a door or in a manager’s office, or even if you post it too high on the wall, you might be violating the law, because not all employees will have access to the poster or be able to read it.

I have multiple buildings located at one address. Do I have to post labor law posters in every building?
Most likely yes, if your employees do not regularly visit the location where you typically post your labor law posters.

Do we need to post labor law posters on each floor/break room if our building has multiple floors or can we just display them in the cafeteria?
State, Federal and City/County posters must be accessible by all employees on a regular or daily basis. If all your employees do not report to a central location on a regular basis, then you are required to post the notices at each building to meet your obligations. If you can demonstrate that all employees regularly visit one floor or location, such as the cafeteria, then posting the employment law notices there is compliant.

None of my employees is in the military. Why do I need to post the USERRA poster?
All employers are required to post the USERRA notice regardless of employee military status. USERRA’s provisions apply to active and inactive service members, including other classes of individuals such as job applicants with military experience, veterans of the uniformed services, and individuals who are interested in joining a uniformed service.

I have remote employees who are never onsite. Do I need posters for them, too?
Yes, employers are required to provide the same labor law posters to remote and hybrid employees as they do for on-site employees. We offer the perfect solutions for businesses with remote and hybrid employees. Supplement your physical in-office posters when its impossible to post. Check out our digital solutions. 

Can we resize labor law posters to fit in binder for our employees that work in kiosk?
No. Certain notices must meet size, font, and paper color requirements to be considered compliant. One example of this is the “OSHA Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law Notice”. It must be at least 8.5″ x 14″ inches with 10-point type. If you were to resize this notice, you will be deemed non-compliance with OSHA requirements. Because kiosk have no wall space you must provide your employees labor law posters in an electronic format.

Am I required to post labor law posters in a shared office space?
Yes. Federal, state, and local governments require you to post labor law notices where your employees can readily access them.

My company has an employee intranet. If I display digital labor law posters on our intranet site, do I still have to display the physical posters?
Yes, businesses are required to post physical State and Federal labor laws posters in addition to City and County for on-site employees.

Can I just post electronic versions of the required labor law posters?
No. The labor law posters must be visible to all employees, and not all employees have access to a computer. Businesses are required to post physical State and Federal labor laws posters in addition to City and County for on-site employees.

Can I just print out the free labor law posters that I’ve seen online?
This is not recommended because labor law posters are often required to be a specific size under the law. Some laws also require specific colors and font sizes for the posters. 

Is there a specific place to display labor law posters for employees?
You must post your labor law posters in a conspicuous location that all employees can access, such as in a breakroom, in a common hallway, or near a time clock. If you have employees on multiple floors of a building or in other locations away from your main office who do not visit a common area, you may need to post labor law posters in multiple locations. Keep in mind that if you hang a poster behind a door or in a manager’s office, or even if you post it too high on the wall, you might be violating the law, because not all employees will have access to the poster or be able to read it.

I only have one paid employee. Do I really need to post labor law posters?
Yes, all employers with at least one paid employee in their place of business must post federal, state, and local (where applicable) labor law posters.

What size are your posters?
Our federal and state posters are 18” wide and 24” high. The majority of our all-in-one posters, which include federal and state posters in one poster, are 36″ wide by 24″ high, though some of them are 24″ wide by 36″ high. Spanish language posters, city posters, and county posters vary in size, depending on the required notices. 

Are the posters for next year ready yet?
It is a common misconception that employers need to buy new posters for each calendar year. While many states do raise their minimum wages or have other changes that go into effect every year on January 1, labor laws can change at any time, and employers are required to stay in compliance with the latest posters, regardless of when the laws change. Poster Compliance Center monitors federal, state, and local labor laws, so our posters are always updated with the latest mandatory legal changes.

Should I wait until the start of the year, when all the laws have changed, to place my order?
Labor laws don’t operate on a yearly schedule. The laws can change at any time, and you are required to have the most current version of the poster visible to employees at all times. The good news is that our Annual Compliance Plan makes it easy to always have the latest federal and state labor law posters on your wall. Whenever a labor law changes and requires a new poster, we’ll automatically send you the update.

Nobody ever reads the labor law posters. Why do I need to have them?
Posting labor law posters is legally required as set fourth by The Department of Labor (DOL). Businesses who are found to negligent in their compliance could face big financial penalties and in some instances even jeopardize their funding. 

Why can’t I just download a free poster that I found online?
There’s no guarantee that a free poster that you find online is up to date. Not to mention, the agency that published the poster won’t let you know when the poster requires an update, leaving you responsible for regularly checking to make sure your poster is still in compliance. 

Do your posters include everything I need to be in compliance?
Poster Compliance Center labor law posters contain all the notices that are required for most employers. However, some employers may be required to post additional items, depending upon their industry, state, city, or county. Additionally, many states require employers to post information about their workers’ compensation plan that may only be available from their workers’ compensation carrier. We include information in your shipment that covers other posting requirements.

Are nonprofit organizations required to post labor law posters?
Yes. There is no special exemption for nonprofits. If your nonprofit has one or more employees on its payroll, you must post labor law posters.

My state labor law poster has a date from two years ago in the bottom left-hand corner. Why haven’t you updated this poster?
If you are a compliance plan member we will send an email notification informing you of the latest change and ship you the latest poster. If there are no mandatory updates for your State, City, County or Federal, we will not publish a new poster.

To ensure you have the most current poster use the Poster Checker Tool. Customers without a compliance plan should frequently visit the Labor Law Updates page to ensure they have the most current poster. 

How can I tell what was updated on the poster that I just received?
Visit the Labor Law Updates page to review the latest labor law change(s) for your State or Federal labor law posters. 

How can I find out whether my labor law posters are up to date and in compliance?
We offer a few options to verify your poster is the most current. The first, is to visit the Labor Law Updates page to review the latest changes for your State or Federal poster. You can also use the Poster Checker Tool to ensure you have the most current labor law poster. Lastly, visit the Recent Updates tab of your State labor law poster page. 

How many labor law changes are there each year?
There is no set or required number of changes for the labor laws at the federal, state, or local level. That said, on average, there are more than 100 mandatory labor law changes every year that require updated posters. 

How will I know when a mandatory labor law change occurs?
You can easily track labor law changes by subscribing to our Labor Law Update Email Notifications. Anytime a mandatory change occurs for your selected state(s) you will receive an email regarding the change. Not sure you want to receive emails, visit our Labor Law Updates page regularly to see what new changes there are for your state.

We don’t have any independent contractors. Do I need a Federal Contractor Poster?
The Federal Contractor Poster is required if your company is a federal contractor or subcontractor; it does not matter whether you have independent contractors (people who are contracted to provide work as nonemployees) so long as your business has a federal contract or subcontract and at least one paid employee.

What is the Federal Applicant Edition Poster? Am I required to post it?
The Federal Applicant Edition Poster contains three notices that are required to be available to all job applicants: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Employee Polygraph Protection Act, and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). You must display this poster where job applicants can view it if your federal labor law poster is not available.

Am I required to post the NLRA poster in my facilities?
Only federal contractors and subcontractors are required to post the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) poster. If you fall into one of these categories, you must post the NLRA poster, which informs employees of federal contractors and subcontractors of their right to engage in protected concerted activity, including organizing and bargaining collectively with their employer. Otherwise, you are not required to display the NLRA federal contractor poster. Keep in mind that you may also be required to post additional federal posters.

Do you offer the required California IWC posters?
Yes. Please visit our Free Specialty Posters page to download the California IWC work order for your industry free of charge.

What posters are required by OSHA?
Under OSHA, employers in the United States are required to provide employees with a hazard-free working environment, and must periodically examine workplace standards to ensure compliance. 

OSHA posters must be displayed in a visible space within your office building where all employees have access to it. If you find yourself frustrated about keeping up with OSHA workplace posters, sign up for our Annual Compliance Plan. We’ll keep you in compliance with OSHA standards by sending you an OSHA labor law poster whenever there are mandatory changes. This automatic service will ensure that your business stays in compliance with state and federal labor law regulations year-round.

What signs must be displayed in the workplace?
The DOL requires employers to post State, Federal, and City/County labor law posters. Employers in specific industries must also post additional posting requirements. Shop our Industry-Specific labor law posters for additional posting requirements for your industry.