Spanish Language Labor Law Posters

Poster Compliance Center offers Spanish-language posters for federal and state labor law. If a significant portion of your workforce includes workers who cannot read English easily, our Spanish-language posters provide notices in a language they understand. Use the lists below to easily find the posters your business needs to stay compliant!

Reasons to Purchase Spanish Language Posters

Labor law posters allow employees to understand their rights. Displaying translated posters supports this goal by providing alternate languages for employees with a primary language besides English. Spanish workplace posters also offer an additional layer of protection in the event of a legal dispute. 

While not all posters have mandates requiring Spanish-language versions, it’s best to use caution and post rights in a second language if your workplace has any workers not fluent in English. Some states and municipalities require Spanish postings even if no employees speak Spanish. 

Features of Our Spanish-Language Posters

Poster Compliance Center offers Spanish labor law posters for most states and Washington, D.C. We also provide federal posters. Get a one-year compliance plan to access current posters and 12 months of free mandatory labor law updates for federal and state law changes. The Compliance Plan includes a $41,000 warranty guarantee and renews automatically for uninterrupted access. You can also buy posters as a set or individually. 

Here are a few features of our posters:

Guaranteed to contain all notices issued in Spanish by state or federal agencies


May vary in size from our standard 18-inch by 24-inch posters — states do not issue all notices in Spanish


Laminated or GoGreen poster finishes to suit your company’s needs

State Posters


You can find your state in the list to access our Spanish-language posters for your business. These posters include state-specific labor laws to meet your posting requirements.

Federal Posters


Meet federal posting requirements with our selection of Spanish-language posters. 

Your Reliable Resource for Labor Law Posters

At Poster Compliance Center, we’ve provided labor law posters since 1991, making us a trusted partner to help you maintain compliance. We use a high level of care and attention in researching laws and their changes, freeing you to take care of your business. Our posters also use high-quality paper and ink for vibrant, full-color designs. We print all posters in the United States.

Our friendly team willingly assists you in finding compliance resources, including Spanish-language posters, that suit your organization. You can also contact us about customized solutions or share any questions. We provide fast turnaround for orders, typically shipping posters within 48 hours.

If you need compliance posters for remote workers or HR leaders, get them through eComply360. Our digital platform allows the optional addition of Spanish labor law notices for viewing, downloading and printing. Poster Compliance Center also offers Spanish safety posters to meet compliance regulations across industries. 

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Meet compliance regulations and ensure all employees understand their rights with Spanish-language posters from Poster Compliance Center. Find state and federal Spanish labor law posters online to purchase for your organization.