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Unemployment Insurance Updates for South Carolina

Our South Carolina poster is in the process of being updated once more, due to a revision to the state’s Unemployment Insurance notice, which is issued by the Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW). Back in July 2018, we published updates related to Safety & Health (OSHA) and employment discrimination. What’s Happening Now? Changes to […]

New Pregnancy Accommodations for Employees in South Carolina

On May 17, 2018, the Governor of South Carolina signed the Pregnancy Accommodations Act, an amendment to the state’s Human Affairs Law. The South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (SCHAC) has just released a major update to the Employment Discrimination notice, which includes information about the new Pregnancy Accommodations Act, as well as additional requirements of the Human […]

Q&A: South Carolina Right to Work Labor Law Poster

Q: Are employers required to post South Carolina’s Right to Work poster separately even though the law is also included on SC’s Labor Law Abstract poster? A: Although the mandatory Labor Law Abstract poster covers the state’s Right to Work law, SC recently issued a separate Right to Work poster, entitled “Your Rights As An […]

SC—Migrant Worker, Child Labor, Wages Poster

South Carolina

An “Immigrant Worker” section has been added to South Carolina’s Labor Law  poster to provide information about verifying the legal status of new employees. The South Carolina Illegal Immigration and Reform Act requires all employers to verify the legal status of new employees. The law prohibits the employment of any worker who is not legally […]