How To Avoid Compliance Poster Scams


Common Labor Law Poster Compliance Scams

Government Letter

Oh no! You’ve received a letter in the mail that looks like an official government mailer. It’s telling you about a mandatory change and insists that if you don’t update your compliance posters you’ll be fined thousands of dollars.

The letter is vague and becomes more and more confusing as you read it. Your credit card information is requested and there is so much small print you aren’t entirely sure what you’re ordering.

Calls From An Unreputable Labor Poster Company

Here’s another scenario: You keep receiving phone calls from a labor poster company that claims to supply your posters. They call you constantly about mandatory changes and tell you to update your compliance posters “or else” you will be fined. The updates cost hundreds of dollars. The phone calls feel like harassment.

People Show Up At Your Business Claiming To Be OSHA

And finally, the most outrageous example: People physically show up at your business and claim to be OSHA inspectors or another type of government official. They claim your compliance posters are outdated and insist you update them immediately for a large fee. They are intimidating, to say the least.

These are all examples of labor law poster scams. In an ideal world, these situations would not occur very often, but it has become a standard practice among compliance poster scammers.

Government officials in many states have issued warnings to businesses about the mailers because they seem to be the most common type of compliance poster scam.

How To Avoid Labor Poster Compliance Scams

1. Do your research before spending any money. Look up the labor law poster company that sent you the notice. Do they have a website or any reviews? Do these reviews say they are a scam? It will usually become quite clear what sort of company you’re dealing with. Knowledge is power!

2. Verify that the change is mandatory. If there has actually been a mandatory change then you should be able to find information about it on any reliable and accredited labor poster company’s website. You can check out our website for the most recent mandatory changes to the compliance posters.

3. Be aware of where you’re buying your compliance posters. There are sources that sell outdated posters. Make sure you are getting your compliance posters from a dependable source that specializes in poster compliance.

4. Do not buy compliance posters from anyone selling the posters door-to-door. Take their information and do research before making the decision to purchase posters from them.

5. Enroll in a labor law poster service to avoid any future scams. Once you are on a service, you won’t have to take any phone calls or look over any offers you receive in the mail. The mandatory updates will be sent to you automatically and (usually) for free.

6. Make sure you are on a service that offers free automatic updates. Some labor poster companies will charge you for every update, scamming businesses into spending hundreds of dollars on their compliance posters, one poster at a time. Some labor law poster companies and scammers will charge you for updates that aren’t even mandatory.

7. Enroll in a plan that is backed by a warranty. This adds an extra level of reliability to the company that is maintaining your compliance. Check out Poster Compliance Center’s OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan. It has a Poster Violation Warranty, automatic updates with free shipping, and even offers a satisfaction guarantee (180 day return policy). We also research and publish our own compliance posters.

8. Finally, report any frauds to prevent other businesses from falling victim to these compliance poster scams.

Contact Poster Compliance Center Today

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