3 Compelling Reasons to Subscribe to a Poster Compliance Service

Every employer should be aware of the concept of poster compliance, but this is not a topic that you want to spend all of your time on. To be compliant means meeting the requirements of properly posting current federal and state labor law posters for your employees. Many employers are choosing to subscribe to a poster compliance service, but what are the advantages of such a subscription? The answer is simple. Poster compliance service plans make maintaining state and federal labor law compliance practically effortless!

Consider these top benefits of how you can be happier, more relaxed, and more productive throughout your work day with a poster compliance service:

  • Automatic Poster Updates – Isn’t it great to have one less thing on your to-do list? When you receive automatic updates for your state and federal labor law posters you don’t have to go searching for the latest mandatory labor law change—the work is done for you! It is as simple as signing up for a subscription service, such as Poster Compliance Center’s OneSystem with one of our friendly customer service representatives, receiving your up-to-date posters, and hanging them in a location accessible to your employees. This service not only includes the peace of mind that stems from total compliance, but also gives you an initial set of posters, free updates, free shipping, guaranteed compliance, and live customer service for an entire year. If you are responsible for multiple locations in different states, this type of plan is the only logical choice in order to avoid spending countless hours searching for updates and compliance information.
  • Guaranteed Compliance Protection – With a poster service like our OneSystem, not only are you sure to be in compliance, but the service is backed by our Poster Violation Warranty. This guards you from any potential fines or penalties that can be given for out-of-date notices.  The OneSystem  also covers lost or damaged employment posters. So, if you ever happen to misplace or damage the poster update you received in the mail, don’t sweat it—you can receive a new one for free.
  • Cost Savings – A poster service is your best bargain! Investing in labor law posters only once a year can offer you incredible savings. Each year, there are a number of mandatory compliance poster changes, and some states have multiple changes spread out through the year. Every time a state makes a mandatory change to one of its notices, the newest information must be posted. What that means for a company that is not covered under a poster service is that they must purchase new posters each time there is a change—and that can be expensive! The poster updates you receive through a poster service like the OneSystem are free. This means that no matter how many times the laws change throughout the year, you pay nothing beyond the initial flat rate of the service.

With these cost and time saving advantages, the choice to enroll in a labor law poster service is a no-brainer. Don’t let the quest for compliance be your full-time job. Let someone else, like Poster Compliance Center, do all of the work for a change! To start reaping the benefits of our service now, visit our website for more information, or talk with one of our live sales representatives at 800-322-3636 to set you up with the best poster service around. After that, you will have to figure out what you will do with your newly found free time!

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