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New Teen Work Hour Restrictions for Indiana

Indiana’s Department of Labor has issued an update to the Teen Work Hour Restrictions notice, which provides the maximum hours’ minors are permitted to work and on which days of the week. As stated in the notice, only employers who hire minors who are 14, 15, 16, or 17 years of age are required to […]

Indiana Updates the Teen Work Hour Restrictions Poster

The state of Indiana has made numerous mandatory changes to the Teen Work Hour Restrictions poster, and it is now time to update your state labor law posters for Indiana locations. Changes to the Poster First, there have been changes to the maximum hours that a minor may work. For 16 and 17-year-olds, the poster […]

Q&A: Indiana Anti-Discrimination Poster

 Q: Can you tell me if the Indiana Equal Opportunity poster will change to include criminal history as a category of discrimination as a result of the recent passage of HB1033? A: According to the Employment Enforcement Unit of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, the passage of HB1033 does not affect the Indiana Civil Rights […]

Indiana Updates Unemployment Insurance Labor Law Poster

The latest change on the Indiana labor law poster is about unemployment insurance.   This poster used to be called “Workforce Development Act” but is now called “Unemployment Insurance Laws”.     The unemployment insurance poster lets workers know that they can now go online to find out if they are eligible for unemployment insurance, […]