Do I need a Labor Law Poster for my Business?

Do I need a labor law posterDo I Need a Labor Law Poster?

All employers with at least one paid employee in their place of business must post federal, state, and local (where applicable) labor law posters.

For many, this age-old question remains unanswered. For others, a wall full of cluttered outdated labor law notices seems to add to the confusion. If the responsibility of labor law compliance has fallen into your hands, please consider the following questions to determine if you need a labor law poster:

Do you have any employees on payroll?

If the answer is “no” then you do not need to post labor posters! The rest of this article will not affect you whatsoever; please feel free to discontinue your labor poster research until you have employees on payroll.

If you answered “yes”, are any of your employees on payroll not your spouse?

If you have any employees on payroll who are not your spouse, you are required to post the most updated version of the labor posters. The only exception to the employees on payroll stipulation is if you’re married to said employee. All other relatives still require access to  compliance posters.

Now that we’ve answered this question in the most simplified way possible, let’s explore some other questions that might bring new exceptions to light…

What if I’m a federal contractor or sub-contractor? Do I still need compliance posters?


Compliance posters are still required because you have employees on payroll. However, in addition to the state and federal labor law posters, you’re also required to post certain posters for federal contractors and/or subcontractors. These posters are included on our Federal Contractor Poster. For more information, check out our article on Federal Contractor posters.

I have employees who work from home or in remote locations. Do I really need to tell them to post the labor law posters in their home?

You’re right, it would be a little over the top to send a full set of state and federal labor law posters to the homes of each of your employees just because they’re on payroll. However, you are still required to give them full access to the labor laws due to the fact that they are on payroll.

There are a couple of solutions to this problem.

  • An online compliance guide – an online compliance guide would enable you to view the labor laws for each state online. While an online compliance guide does not meet the poster requirement, it can serve as a great resource for employees who work from home or in remote offices. If you are interested in an online compliance guide, please feel free to call Poster Compliance Center at 800-322-3636.
  • eComply– Poster Compliance Center’s electronic compliance guide is a great resource for employees who work from home or tiny satellite offices. With this guide, employees can download and print the labor law compliance notices. If you are interested in eComply, you can order this product on Poster Compliance Center’s website.

These guides can serve as a great resource for your employees who are not coming into the office – especially if these employees are working in different states, where they really do need access to the labor laws specific to those states.

I have employees who work out of trailers or small kiosks with no room for full-sized labor law posters. Do I still need to supply each site with a full set of compliance posters?

Yes, you do. When you are faced with a situation where there is physically no room for the posters, a good alternative is to arrange the labor law notices in a binder or booklet. Again, while this does not satisfactorily fulfill the poster requirement, a booklet of the labor law notices can serve as a great resource for your employees who are constantly on the go or rarely make it into the main office. Poster Compliance Center has these booklets available with all the required state and federal labor law notices in them. These booklets can fit in your truck or kiosk easily. The best part is they arrive already assembled so you don’t have to print or download anything.  If you would like to obtain a labor law poster booklet, please call Poster Compliance Center at 800-322-3636.

Hopefully, this cleared up some questions about the labor law posting requirements. If you have come to the conclusion that you do need to post these posters-as most businesses do-why not alleviate your compliance anxiety with a labor law poster service?

Poster Compliance Center is The Employer’s Most Reliable Resource with a labor law poster service- our 1-Year Compliance Plan – that includes:

  • Free mandatory updates
  • Free shipping, handling, and tracking
  • Live customer service
  • A $25,000 Poster Violation Warranty

There’s no greater value than the knowledge that your labor law compliance is being handled by experts. Don’t take my word for it, check out our website. If you have any questions or comments please let us know! You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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  1. Mike Thomas says:

    I have Sub Contractors ( not directly paid employees) on a job. Do I need to post Compliance POsters or does the Sub Contractor have to do it ?