The Best Way to Avoid Compliance Clutter

4 things to consider when managing compliance: 

  1. Labor law posting requirements include notices at both the state and federal levels.

  2. There are up to 16 different mandatory notices from about 7 separate agencies.

  3. You are required to identify, print, and post all of these notices to be in compliance with labor laws.

  4. You are required to know when there is a mandatory change on any of the notices and also to update the notice.

Completing this task is not only time-consuming but can create a messy-looking workplace. Imagine keeping track of all of these notices and how cluttered your wall might look. If you have separate state and federal labor law posters, how will you know where each notice even goes?

Simplify your HR Tasks

Instead of purchasing the state and federal labor law posters separately, or trying to post the separate notices all over the wall, you can get our all-in-one labor law poster, called the 1-Year Compliance Plan. It includes every current mandatory notice on both the state and federal labor posters and follows all size, font, and color requirements.

With the ease of all-in-one labor law posters, you can trust that the break room will stay clutter-free and that any required employment notices from both the state and the federal government can be effortlessly displayed. All-in-one posters make managing your labor law poster compliance simple, and with Poster Compliance Center’s guaranteed compliance poster solutions, you will never have to worry about labor law compliance again.

Stress-free labor law poster compliance

Have concerns about labor law posters? Read our helpful Q & A. 

  • Q) I don’t have the wall space for all-in-one posters, but I still want to maintain state and federal compliance. What is the best solution?
    • A) Although all-in-one posters are very convenient, they can sometimes be too large for smaller spaces. A great solution for a smaller break room or communal space would be to order our 1-Year Compliance Plan. The poster set divides the state and federal notices into separate posters. You still have all of the mandatory information, but with more freedom to fit the posters into a location with limited wall space.
  • Q) Do I need to order new posters if I already displayed the notices at the beginning of the year?
    • A) A common misconception is that compliance posters only need to be updated in January. Labor laws can change at any time throughout the year, and keeping your posters up-to-date is mandatory.
  • Q) How do I avoid making my break room look cluttered from all of these employment posters?
    • A) Many people are unaware that they can throw away their old compliance posters once they receive the updated ones. For example, if you receive a new Texas state poster, you can throw away the Texas state labor law poster that was previously displayed. This process can be simplified further with an all-in-one poster. Instead of having different state and federal posters, you have just one poster to display and maintain.
  • Q) Do you publish posters in Spanish?
    • A) We do offer state labor law posters in Spanish when the state issues them. It is important to note, though, that not all state agencies provide a Spanish translation for every labor law poster and some do not offer any translations at all. You can check to see if the posters for your state are available in Spanish on our website.

Now that you are familiar with the basic rules of compliance, the simplicity of purchasing all-in-one labor law posters like our OnePoster should be clear. Your walls will look neater with all of the correct notices on one compliance poster, and you can rest assured that your company is not only looking sharp but is in compliance as well.

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