The Compliance Guide for New Business Owners

Congratulations on your new business! It’s probably safe to assume you have your hands full at the moment. If you’re visiting this page chances are you’re researching labor law posters in order to find out which ones you need. This guide should supply you with all the information and resources you need to be in compliance for your new business. Let’s check it out:

What Are Labor Laws & How Do You Find New Ones?

Labor laws dictate the rights and responsibilities of both employers and employees. Each state, along with the federal government, has its own set of labor laws and requires employers to post them in a space that is easily accessible and viewable to employees. The laws that make up the labor posters serve as a resource for employees so that they can know their rights. In recent years, cities and counties have also started creating their own labor laws.

Labor Law Posters You May Need

Here’s a quick overview of all the labor posters you may need to maintain compliance:

State and Federal Labor Posters

Without even knowing what industry you’re in or anything about your employees, you’ll need to post all state and federal labor law notices if you have any employees on payroll. The only exception to this would be if your employee is your spouse. There are certain labor law notices you only need to post if you have a certain number of employees. For the purpose of keeping it simple for you, the best way to be in compliance with state and federal labor laws is to acquire a full set of state and federal labor posters. These posters have all the required state and federal labor laws on them. That way, you can rest assured that you’re in compliance for all state and federal notices no matter what your situation is.

City Posters

Many cities and counties have their own labor laws, and even more are creating them at this very moment. We’re living in a new age of labor posters and if you aren’t required to have city or county posters now, there’s a good chance you will in the future. Purchase a city or county poster. You can also sign up for email notifications when there’s a new city or county poster that might affect your posting requirements.

 Federal Contractor Posters

If you’re a federal contractor and/or subcontractor you are required to post federal contractor posters. These include:

  • Notice of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act
  • Notice to Employees Working on Government Contracts
  • Notice to All Employees Working on Federal or Federally Financed Construction Projects
  • Worker Rights Under Executive Order 13658: Federal Minimum Wage for Contractors

You can order some of these sections separately because you may not be required to post all 4 notices. However, our Federal Contractor poster includes all the required notices for your convenience.

Spanish Posters

These posters are available if you have employees that primarily speak and read Spanish.

Workplace and other Safety Posters

To improve the communication between employer and employee you can post workplace and safety posters. To get a more in-depth description, check out our post on workplace and safety posters. These labor posters serve as a great resource for employees, especially if they need to know how to act in an emergency. Some of the well-known workplace and safety posters include:

  • Fire Extinguisher Use & Safety Reference Guide
  • First Aid & Safety Reference Guide
  • No Sexual Harassment/No Drugs at Work Poster
  • Lift Safely & Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls Reference Guide
  • Forklift Safety & Operation Reference Guide

Workplace Signs

Again, workplace signs are great resource for employees. They are another way for employers to communicate with their employees about where items in the workplace are and what areas to stay away from.

Federal Applicant Poster

If you are interviewing possible future employees in a room that does not have the federal labor poster in it, you will need to post a Federal Applicant poster. The Federal Applicant poster has the 3 federal notices that are required to be displayed for job applicants so that they can know their rights during an interview. You can learn more about this on our blog.

What Are The Lamination Requirements for Labor Posters

If you are in the food service industry or any industry where sanitation is a concern, you may be required to laminate your labor posters. Laminated labor posters are durable, tear-proof and virtually indestructible. Most importantly, the heavy lamination allows them to be washed, which meets certain FDA requirements. Poster Compliance Center labor posters are already laminated. The only exception is if you are ordering from our go green environmentally friendly line of posters.

Labor Law Poster Services

If you’re new to this and you don’t want to do a ton of research on labor laws, you can obtain everything you need by ordering a complete set of state and federal labor law posters from a reliable compliance company. If you want to go a step further and prevent any potential future worry about updating these posters, a labor law poster service – like Poster Compliance Center’s OneSystem 1-Year Compliance Plan – is the best way to go.

Why Go On A Labor Law Poster Service?

There are about 2-3 mandatory changes each year for state and federal labor posters. This means that once you have your complete set of labor posters, you will most likely have to update them throughout the year. This not only takes time, but will also cost you money each time you order new posters. Don’t forget the time it will take to research the changes. On a poster service, the updates are sent to you automatically and usually for free if you find the right labor poster service. Below are the following poster services that are available from Poster Compliance Center:

  • 1-Year Compliance Plan: for both state and federal posters. This plan is backed by a $41,000 Poster Violation Warranty and is our most popular product.
  • City Poster 1-Year Plan: for city posters
  • Federal Poster 1-Year Plan: for the Federal labor poster only
  • Federal Contractor 1-Year Plan: for the Federal Contractor poster

Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to know about. We love feedback. Did we leave anything out? Please tell us! You can also sign up to receive email notifications about mandatory changes and new products.