How to Satisfy New and Existing Labor Law Poster Requirements for Remote Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Though we all hoped our time working remotely would be short-lived, it’s clear that the COVID-19 nightmare isn’t over. Many companies have already said they’re continuing their work-from-home plans through next year. For example, Google has extended its work-from-home policy through June 2021. Microsoft plans to work from home through at least January 2021. Twitter and Facebook have told employees that they can work from home indefinitely, and many other retailers have announced that it plans to sell its headquarters and allow employees to work from home as part of its new normal.

But the remote-work trend isn’t as simple as giving every employee a laptop and ensuring they have a solid Wi-Fi connection. Companies still face the same labor law compliance obligations as if their employees were coming to the office every workday. That includes ensuring that all employees have access to labor law posters. But how?


In-House Posting Doesn’t Work for Remote Employees

Traditional office posters work if employees are coming to the office at least three or four times a month. But with the coronavirus, employees aren’t coming to the office at all.

Most federal and state laws don’t specify how employers have to deliver labor law posters to remote employees, so it’s up to employers to use their best judgment on what will meet the requirements. It’s clear that not posting isn’t a viable option, because you must ensure that every employee has access to these posters.

So, how can companies ensure they are meeting their legal and regulatory obligations even as they pivot to a remote-work environment? They can offer online labor law posters for remote employees.


Labor Law Posting Compliance in Mere Minutes With eComply

When employers sign up for our easy and affordable eComply service, they become compliant with their labor law posting requirements in mere minutes. eComply subscribers get online access to all federal and state notices in ready-to-print, full-color format; posters may also be added to a company intranet.

Employers also receive free mandatory e-updates to all included posters for 12 months after they subscribe, which is critically important as federal and state labor law posters are updated all the time. This year, the federal government has even added a new poster under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act that all employers with fewer than 500 employees and all public employers must post.

All employers have to do is buy eComply, then have their employees download, print, and post the files.

Staying Up to Date With Our Virtual Compliance Guide

The Poster Compliance Center Virtual Compliance Guide makes it easy for employers with employees working remotely in multiple states to stay in compliance with federal, state, and local labor laws through the online portal. Companies that sign up for our Virtual Compliance Guide receive a full year’s access to view all mandatory federal and state labor law posters online. We also customize your posters, so  they’re branded with your company’s logo, HR contact information, and authorized users. Employees can access the labor law posters in the Virtual Compliance Guide from any computer or mobile device all day every day.


Ask Poster Compliance Center for Help Choosing the Right Labor Law Posters for Your Business

Federal and state laws require labor law posters to be posted conspicuously; some states specifically authorize online labor law posters, while others are silent. Our representatives are standing by, both online and by phone (1-800-322-3636), to advise you on whether eComply or our Virtual Compliance Guide is the best solution for your compliance needs during the coronavirus pandemic.