Where To Hang Compliance Posters

Compliance posters - where to post

Why Do You Have To Poster Labor Law Posters?

This is a popular question regarding labor law posting requirements. The simple answer is: Because you’re mandated by law to post them. This applies to all businesses with employees on payroll, unless the employee is your spouse.

How Can You Find Out Which Posters You Need To Display?

You can learn which posters are required for your business by using our free Poster Advisor Tool. After answering a few simple questions, you’ll find out your employer posting requirements instantly.

Where Should You Post Labor Law Posters?

According to poster compliance requirements, you must display the posters in an area where your employees can readily see them. These areas can include but are not limited to:

  • A break room
  • A common room
  • Near the time clock
  • The lunchroom or kitchen

Places that may seem like a good idea but don’t actually adhere to labor law compliance requirements include:

  • The HR Manager’s office
  • A gender-specific bathroom
  • Outside an office in the hallway
  • The owner’s office
  • In one specific department

Common Compliance Poster Display FAQs

If You Have Two Break Rooms, Do You Need To Display Posters In Both?

The best way to answer this question is by asking another question. Do all your employees have access to both rooms? If the answer is no, then it is suggested that you display the labor law posters in both break rooms. If yes, then you should be compliant with the posters in one break room.

If Your Employees Work On Separate Floors Do You Need To Display Compliance Posters On Each Floor?

Yes, you need to post the compliance posters on each floor because you’re required to post the labor law posters where your employees can readily see them.

The keyword here is access. Your employees must have easy access to labor law posters. If employees are required to travel or go out of their way to read the posters, then the posters are not easily available to them, and as an employer, you are not following the labor law compliance requirements.

If Your Employees Work In Separate Buildings, Do You Need To Display Posters In Both?

Yes, you should display the compliance posters in both buildings so that all employees have easy access to the posters.

How Do You Display Compliance Posters For Remote Workers?

There are products specifically geared for these types of employees. Poster Compliance Center’s Virtual Compliance Guide allows employees to view the labor law notices from their computer or mobile device. While this is not a substitute for the labor law posters—you  are still required to display the actual posters—the Virtual Compliance Guide can serve as a great resource for employees who don’t have regular access to the posters.