3 Common Compliance Poster Questions

If you’re in charge of poster compliance, you probably have questions about your federal and state labor posters. This confusing yet important aspect of compliance is riddled with misinformation and uncertainties.

The good news is there are professionals who specialize in poster compliance and they know the real answers to these questions. Let’s take a look at the 3 most popular questions:

Do You Need New Labor Law Posters If The Current Ones Are Only A Few Years Out Of Date?

It’s frustrating to know this, but state and federal labor laws can be revised at any time.

On average, there are 2-3 mandatory changes per year. Each time there is a change, you are required to update that section of the compliance posters. While some states hardly ever update their notices, others change them frequently.

In addition, the federal labor law posters that are required for all employers can also change at any time— Remember the FMLA change?

If you would like to know about the most recent changes in your state, you check out our website for the most up-to-date information. You can also sign up to receive update notifications for your state via email.

As a general rule, if your labor posters are a couple of years old, they are most likely out of date—and most importantly—out of compliance.

How To Avoid Out of Date Compliance Posters

With all of these frequent and unpredictable changes to labor posters, the best solution is to enroll in a labor law poster service like Poster Compliance Center’s 1-Year Compliance Plan. The OneSystem will keep you in compliance as mandatory updates will be sent to each of your locations at no additional cost. You won’t have to worry about the dates on your poster ever again; someone else will do that for you!

Do You Need To Update Your Labor Law Posters More Than Once Per Year?

A common misconception about labor law posters is that they only have to be updated once a year, specifically in January. Although certain laws, such as minimum wage, usually change at the beginning of the year, other labor laws, like FMLA and OSHA, can change at any time during the year.

With these frequent labor law revisions, it’s imperative to make sure your labor law posters are updated to reflect the mandatory revisions year round. This is another perfect example of how a labor law poster service would be helpful. No matter how many updates occur within a year, you are covered.

Where Should You Put Your Labor Law Posters?

AAfter you receive the updated state and federal labor law posters, you’re probably wondering what to do with them. You can’t just leave them in the tubes, but where are you supposed to hang them?

You’re required to hang compliance posters in an area that is frequented by employees. Some excellent locations would be near a time clock, in a break room, or within another common area. It is essential that the posters are visible so that they can be easily read by all employees. Check out our blog article for more information about hanging the labor posters.

Hopefully, these questions and answers have given you the sense that labor law compliance does not need to be confusing or complicated. Let’s review what we’ve learned:

  • The labor laws change frequently.
  • You are required to update your compliance posters when these laws change.
  • Make sure to display your posters in a common area where they can be easily read.
  • A worry free poster service like the OneSystem 1 Year Compliance Plan can help you stay up-to-date with these changes.

If you have another question that we didn’t get to here, please let us know. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!