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Workers’ Compensation Update for Missouri

workers' compensation

Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation notice has undergone revisions that include new requirements for both employees and employers. The notice has a revision date of 7/19. Changes to Workers’ Compensation New Requirements for Employees The initial steps employees in the Show-Me State are required to take after being injured on the job have been revised. Employees must […]

New Law & New Poster for Missouri’s Minimum Wage

Due to the $12 Minimum Wage Initiative that passed in November, employers in Missouri must display a new poster in their workplaces on January 1, 2019. Details of the 2019 Minimum Wage Law New Minimum Wage Rates and Requirements Missouri’s new Minimum Wage law calls for minimum wage increases of 85 cents each year through […]

Missouri Updates Unemployment Benefits Poster

Missouri’s Division of Employment Security (DES) has just released an updated Unemployment Insurance Benefits notice, which has a new look, new information, and a revision date of 3/18. What’s changed, you ask? Keep reading to find out all the details. New Info About Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits   When to Apply for Unemployment Insurance Benefits […]

Missouri’s Minimum Wage Notice Just Released

Effective January 1, 2018, employers in the “Show-Me-State” must pay employees subject to the minimum wage an increased rate, which has just been released by the state’s Division of Labor Standards (DLS). Details of Missouri’s Minimum Wage Law Yearly Minimum Wage Adjustment Missouri’s minimum wage is measured by the Consumer Price Index, which means that […]

Updated Minimum Wage in the Wings for Missouri

Missouri’s minimum wage is subject to an annual adjustment every January 1 based on inflation, but the Department of Labor in the “Show-Me State” has not yet announced the minimum wage rates for 2018. Requirements of the Minimum Wage Law The state’s minimum wage may increase or decrease on January 1, 2018. This is dependent […]

New Minimum Wage Just Released for Missouri

Employees in Missouri will soon get a minimum wage hike, the first increase since January 2015. What Are the Changes? The minimum wage will increase to $7.70 per hour as of January 1, 2017. Compensation for tipped employees must total at least $7.70 per hour, including wages and tips. Employers are required to pay tipped […]

Missouri Minimum Wage Remains the Same for 2016

Similar to Oregon, Missouri’s minimum wage rate is unchanged for 2016 and an update to the minimum wage labor law poster is not required. Ironing Out the Details Even though Missouri has released a 2016 minimum wage poster, the state says that the 2015 version remains in compliance because the minimum wage rate will remain […]